Kicking Up Revenue: Footysteam and RevenueHits Pair Up to Make it Happen

My name is Tom and I’m the owner of the Footysteam, a football video content site. Since I launched my website, Footysteam has roped in viewers in the United States, United Kingdom and many other European countries.
To offset the cost of site maintenance and provide a steady income flow, I decided to place ads on the site. To optimize earnings while ensuring that site visitors still had access to great football videos, I looked for an ad service that offers the best rates, a supportive team and a great selection of ad types.

Facing the Challenge

Searching for a provider that met all of my needs proved to be a challenge. Footysteam was still a relatively new venture, and I couldn’t afford to spend 20 hours a week reviewing fine print and analyzing complicated payment schedules.
Most of the ad service providers I found had plans that were difficult to navigate, and I could never be sure if I was getting the best rate. Plus, reaching out the service provider didn’t help; the support teams just weren’t…well, supportive.

RevenueHits In Action

When I joined RevenueHits on November 23, 2015, I was greeted with a smooth onboarding process, and ads that started generating income almost immediately.
RevenueHits ads has consistently generated the highest revenue when compared to the other two networks I use: and
Every month, I see my income growing. Both traffic rates and revenue rates are growing consistently, especially in my tier 1 geos. Amazing revenue coupled with quick payments have made RevenueHits a stable part of Footysteam.
To keep things running smoothly, RevenueHits’ customer support team is always on-hand when I need them.
During the onboarding process, the support team helped me set up my ads and checked back later to optimize my ad streams, to ensure I get the highest revenues.

Recently, the team provided me with ad codes and supported me while I worked through compatibility issues with a blogger.
My site consistently sends high-quality traffic to RevenueHits’ ad partners, and in order to support Footysteam’s continued growth, RevenueHits has assigned me a personal account manager.
We are now working in concert to optimize every aspect of Footysteam’s ad revenues. And the bottom line is that with only a single placement, my site has earned just over $1,000.00 in revenue, by sending 2 million impressions to RevenueHits in one month. And as a bonus, I’m bringing in additional income through RevenueHits’ referral program.

Many Ways to Make a Profit

The goal of RevenueHits is to generate the highest revenue streams for their clients by monetizing their online assets: websites, apps, videos, widgets, special solutions, search and pop-unders.
Pop-ups and pop-unders immediately boost revenue without compromising site performance. A large inventory of ads promotes performance-based offers, CPM and CPC ads.
RevenueHits’ library of display and rich media ensures that the right size and ad format is available for every application.
RevenueHits also gives customers the revenue-boost of XML feeds with real-time bidding. Advertisers compete through an auction process to gain access to audiences of RevenueHits’ direct publishers and the chance to display high-quality ads.
To optimize each ad placement, RevenueHits uses a contextual algorithm that selects the ads that generate the most income for their customer’s audiences.

Ready to See What RevenueHits Can Do for You?

Footysteam is consistently generating income with monthly earnings from RevenueHits ads topping $1000.00 and this number continues to grow.
The great people behind RevenueHits are always available to answer questions you have along the way.