How I Made $14,910 in Less than 20 Days with RevenueHits

Are you looking to improve the monetization of your website, but have low RPM or low CPC? Do you have good traffic, but are not earning enough money? There’s a good solution out there for you.
Based on my own experience, comparing the ad networks I used, I would say that RevenueHits is absolutely the best choice for website monetization.
When I wanted to start monetizing my websites, I took time to contact a few networks, and RevenueHits was one of them.
I joined RevenueHits and set up an account very easily, with help from an account manager.
After setup, I received some tags (ad units), which I placed on my website.
With 5,000 different advertisers on RevenueHits, I tried out a wide variety of ads, until I found the ones that best worked for my site.

My RevenueHits Statistics and Income Proofs ($14,910)

To give you an idea of what to expect from RevenueHits, I will share all the traffic statistics and income proofs from RevenueHits.

Traffic Between 11th-14th June 2016

I had a lot of traffic, and this was only a part of the total traffic that earned me all the money. Also, notice that the traffic was mostly organic, and other metrics were also good (pages per sessions, session duration and bounce rate).

I placed the ads on the same day, and waited for the next day to see the reports (Revenuehits’ reports are updated daily at 5 PM GMT.)
Day 1 results came in, and I was shocked!!
12th June Stats – $809.78

So, Day 1 got me $809. The average eCPM was $1.03. My Top geo was Norway, while The U.S. earned me $3.95.

I tried other networks, but RevenueHits gave me the best results. No ad network would promise me such results.
I chose a CPA type payment, but you can choose CPI or CPM if you prefer.

Day 2 Results came in and the money and traffic increased.

So I earned $1,422 on day 2.

After I made some more optimization tweaks, Day 3 results came in:

$1.47 eCPM!! I was happy. On Day 3 I earned $1,029!

With this eCPM improvement, I decided to continue with the same network without thinking.
I was also introduced to another manager, as I was given a good rating by them. The new guy was as good as the other one, and I had no problems in communicating with either of them. (Skype or Call was the medium).

Just to let you guys know, I placed with other networks as well, and they were all failing; one of them earned me $100, the others gave me close to nothing. So RevenueHits was the perfect network.
I received the payment on July 4th, like my account manager promised. Paypal was also an option, but I opted for Payoneer.
I continued with RevenueHits for the next month as well. It went well, and I earned a good amount. In July I tried pop ups, and it gave some really great results..

Revenue Hits Popups Statistics

Pop-ups stats: Avg eCPM $2.41

Pop-ups GEO sorted eCPM, USA – $7.89

So as you can see, RevenueHits’ pop ups can really be a money making tool. An avg of $7.89 eCPM from the US is really good. I made most of my money in the second month using popups, that’s around $2,429.65 from just pop ups in 10 days.

In total I made:

$9,889.24 + $5,021.33 = $14,910.57

And I got paid on time! So overall, my experience with RevenueHits is really great.

Results depend on many parameters, like traffic, niche, GEO, etc. I tried many networks and RevenueHits proved out to be the best. So, I’m giving two big thumbs up to RevenueHits.

A Special Bonus for iftiSEO readers:

Since I am now in good contacts with the RevenueHits team, they promised me that they will respect all the members I bring to their network, and they will take care of your account like they did for me. You too may be upgraded to a VIP account, which will offer you extra benefits like faster payments, better optimization, easy communication, placement tips etc.

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