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Your Blog is an Untapped Goldmine: How to Turn your Blog Traffic to Income

Your Blog is an Untapped Goldmine: How to Turn your Blog Traffic to Income header

Successful blogging can resemble sitting atop a goldmine, but no mine is useful if you are just resting your behind on it. Instead, you should gather your tools and get your hands dirty with turning its traffic performance into pure gold. The resources at your disposal are your content and the audience it attracts to your site, while the options to turn these into income are limited only by your creativity. If executed by the book, you can secure enough revenue to make blogging your regular budget contributor or a means of living large. The following post will describe the best ways to join this club and start living off your blog traffic.

1) Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate programs function as schemes in which you use the traffic your website generates to sell products offered by affiliate partners on your blog. You can emulate what blogger Pat Flynn does while posting about topics related to blogging and passive income. His partner company is Bluehost, which provides hosting services for Flynn’s website, among others. This affiliate provides Flynn with links and banners which he, in turn, shows on his blogs. When some of the visitors click on these ads and take action related to products offered by Bluehost, Flynn receives the percentage of the sum from this transaction.

If you want to follow this useful example, you can check websites such as ClickBank. They offer numerous affiliate program options for a variety of products, depending on what you consider as being best aligned with the topics you cover on your blog. The alternatives include Rakuten Marketing, Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale and others.

2) Pick Out the Best Ad Network

Another model to profit from your traffic rates is to connect them to your available advertising space which you monetize using ads. The more eyes you draw to the ads you place on your blog, the fuller your coffers will be! For the process to be easier on your time and resources, ad networks aim to serve just the right ads for you. The alternative is to knock on doors of individual companies and brands and ask them to advertise on your site. Bear in mind that this can rob you of the precious time you can use to create more awesome content.

At the same time, you cannot allow yourself to partner with ad networks that are only looking to swindle you out of the potential your traffic offers. That means that you should stay away from ad networks that cannot give you guarantees that the ads they serve will be in line with the rest of the content that’s on your blog. If you cannot ensure contextual compatibility between these two, you’ll ruin both your earnings and your readers’ trust.

Luckily, RevenueHits ad network has focused its efforts on optimizing the utilization of your ad space, while ensuring meaningful links between the ads it displays and the content you produce. It places ads on your blog employing Geotargeted ad serving technology. You can also monetize toolbars, widgets and other assets, with a sole focus on high-performing ads. That means that your blog’s ad space will not show ads that do not perform well, as RevenueHits uses advanced algorithms to research and examine the ways to place the ads with the goal of continually improving their performance.

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3) Offer Premium Content

If affiliate marketing or ad networks are not right up your alley since you want to monetize your website and its traffic by offering your stuff exclusively, you better start planning for it early. So, if you consider the traffic your blog receives to be substantial enough, you can start earning from it by creating premium content and erecting a paywall around it. In essence, the traffic your blog receives will be monetized by separating what you already offer as regular content from the exclusive paywalled material, which can take many forms, depending on what you blog is about.

Some of the best options here are offers of online courses, webinars, video tutorials or ebooks, all of which correspond to the topics you already cover. Another option is to go full blown merchandising, by using your blog to sell physical products related to your blog, such as mugs or t-shirts. Going physical in this manner can also include sales of CDs or DVDs. Blogger Timothy Sykes, for example, sells copies of his DVDs with exclusive content through his membership area, while the rest of his posts on penny stock markets remain freely available as regular blog content.

4) Write Sponsored Content and Reviews

If your blog has attracted substantial traffic, sooner or later you will draw the attention of companies that are interested in having their products appear on it. If you are smart with combining your content generation strategy with marketing, creating sponsored content in addition to regular one is another profitable way to go. In this case, you’ll write articles which are used solely for the promotion of a particular product or brand. If you, for example, have a successful blog about gaming, your sponsored content posts can take the form of reviews of various pieces of related hardware, such as headphones, monitors, etc.

The content created for this purpose can take the form of paid reviews as well. In this case, the traffic your website receives gives you the privilege of acting like an influencer. This means that you can earn money from the content, without having to convince your audience to take any action related to what you happen to promote.


If your blog is a goldmine, its traffic is its gold vein. It means that you can profit from it only by utilizing its potential with the help of the above-described approaches. These can take various forms, from affiliate marketing and paid reviews, to providing premium content or working with ad networks. In case of the latter, you better pay attention to aligning the ads these networks display with the content you deliver to your readership. Your financial prospects and the trust you aim to foster with your audience will largely depend on your ability to pick out the best ad network partner to work with.

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