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Why RevenueHits is the Best Network for Clean Advertising

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So, you decided that you want to monetize your website and your blog. After some time of running the site, you smartly realized that you, in fact, own an online asset. However, the only way to make a living out of it is to monetize it – and that can be achieved by placing ads on it.

You also do realize that this is just the beginning of a much longer process and that you need to inform yourself on how to properly approach such an endeavor. After all, going in blind into the monetizing business can, and most likely will, lead to your downfall and consequently, failure to monetize.

As there is no such thing as a free lunch, your daily meal is best served with the assistance of the RevenueHits advertising network, whose web monetization professionals base their work around the concept of clean advertising. Here are a few criteria you should take into consideration when looking into an ad network and here’s why RevenueHits will give you the best solution to your monetization challenges.

Protecting the Health of Your Brand

The modern web is an abode of varied sorts of content, ranging from information and entertainment to education and advertisement. In case of the latter, your success on the path of becoming a pro publisher who earns money by posting ads on his/her site will largely depend on the successful delivery of the message these ads are supposed to convey. In an era of so-called fake news and reports of brands that compromise their credibility, it is more important than ever to ensure that the type of ads you post are as credible as the content you provide alongside them. In other words, you do not want your web brand tainted by association with some less than savory ads, as your reputation is a currency that is hard-earned and easily ruined.

Being aware that the number of ads coursing through the veins of the digital advertising ecosystem nowadays is by the billions, RevenueHits ad network has managed to come up with a way to manage and moderate this volume in line with its clean advertising philosophy. This network is up to the task of securing the correct and timely placement of secure ads alongside the content you want to monetize. Yet, monetization will hardly achieve desired goals if it is not paired with the focus on security and optimization of user experience related to displayed ads. Sure, every ad network will give you the “clean ads” box to check, but seeing as the bulk of profits networks are making comes from the darker side of advertising, the risk of being tainted is higher. Knowing that these are the fields in which even the mighty have fallen, RevenueHits emerged as the only viable alternative that can deal with the gaps that other ad networks have failed to bridge.

Zero Tolerance for Dishonest Advertising

For publishers, RevenueHits offers the cream of the crop level of control over the ads posted on their websites. Since AdSense and other competing networks offer little or no control in this segment, this means that you can have totally irrelevant or misplaced advertisements appearing next to what is offered as content on your website. This usually results in visitors avoiding to click on ads while simultaneously harming your reputation among your users. Visitors who start seeing offensive ads on your site might stop visiting, either out of fear of harming their computers or just out of general annoyance with your website.

With more than 20000 publishers using its services, one can easily see that RevenueHits serves a broad range of clients that all demand clear advertising practices and expect desired outcomes from their application. For starters, advertisers that want to work with RevenueHits must prove that their advertisements or websites affiliated with them are in no way related to the practices that are employed for the purpose of generating traffic. For starters, this means that RevenueHits upholds zero tolerance policy when it comes to redirecting, spoofing or trafficking related to adult or pornographic websites.

The rules are clearly set from the start: by signing an agreement with RevenueHits, the advertisers are legally obliged to abstain from using advertisements for the websites that feature content promoting child or adult pornography, racial and ethnic hatred or any other objectionable materials. Advertisers attempting to push ads that promote illegal activities such as cybercrime, hacking, drug or weapon proliferation will find no ally in RevenueHits, as its clear advertising practice fully prohibits the promotion of such activities for any reason whatsoever.

At the same time, RevenueHits clean advertising policy includes the prohibition of ads referring to pirated software of any type, including so-called warez content, illegal directories containing multimedia or links to torrent sites. At the same time, RevenueHits can cope well with whatever ad volume you throw at it, be it mobile or online advertising ecosystem. Its brand of clean advertising practice means that it can handle any issue related to irregular ad placement, ad behavior which is not in line with clean ad policy, mobile redirects, inappropriate tags or landing pages with malware or spyware. This policy also encompasses the unauthorized tracking of users’ activities.

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Clean Ads for Stellar User Experience

RevenueHits prides itself on its stringent application of the high-level standards when it comes to ensuring that the customers’ advertising campaigns are clean as a whistle. This is ensured by strict demand that no advertiser may run advertisements on any publisher’s website without securing prior approval and consent by RevenueHits. Thus, ads provided by this ad network which appear on your website will never suffer from inaccurate placement, distribution of malicious codes, theft or leakage of data or infringement of your website’s general creative policy. RevenueHits ensures compliance with its policies by withholding payment to advertisers engaging in dubious practices and immediate banning and blocking any party that violates these policies in the slightest.

In addition to ads related to the content, RevenueHits is uncompromising in dealing with ads that implement mechanisms that can potentially ruin your visitor’s experience. This includes serving them freeze screen simulations, Javascript alerts without exit buttons or ads with blue and red backgrounds. The same goes for ads that lead to landing pages with inappropriate alerts and alarming sounds in the background. If this was not enough, landing pages reached via ads served by RevenueHits are fully proof against cloaking practices which include disguising offers with different content, as this methods are in violation of the RevenueHits business practice codes.


While most ad networks will offer you an option to avoid displaying adult ads, only an ad network that specializes in clean advertising, like RevenueHits, will give you the best results for those who are interested in staying clean. The company’s application of zero tolerance policy in relation to nefarious advertising practices is the guarantee that working with RevenueHits brings synergy that allows for securing successful and lucrative outcomes of your monetization efforts.

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