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Why RevenueHits is the Ad Network You’ve Been Looking For

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Monetization of one’s web asset represents the ultimate confirmation of its quality and success for any publisher. As the digital marketing pie is getting bigger by each year, it’s no wonder that many consultancy firms and agencies offer to help publishers get the slice they rightfully deserve. With their proliferation, it’s now more important than ever to distinguish between business partners who can genuinely contribute to your success and those who are nothing but pretenders. The RevenueHits ad network bases its business philosophy around helping you with the monetization of your web space by using the latest in digital advertising technology and creating a perfect harmony between your content and the ads that accompany it. If you are on the lookout for an ad network that can guarantee the accomplishment of these goals, take five minutes to learn how RevenueHits can help you turn your website into an evergreen money tree.

It Focuses Only on Relevant and Profitable Ads

First of all, the RevenueHits ad network offers the CPA (Cost Per Action) monetization model which you can use as a stable source of revenue for your website. You will put your ad space to efficient use by showing ads through Geotargeted ad serving technology. RevenueHits offers to utilize each inch of your ad space to its fullest potential, be it toolbar, widget or any other asset. You can easily install RevenueHits ads in the footer, header and sidebar sections. Quickly select their exact locations via a layout menu from the intuitive dashboard that covers all segments of ad placement and performance business.

All of this comes in a package with a guarantee: your asset will not receive ads that do not perform well! This is ensured through the use of advanced algorithms for researching and examining optimal ways of placing ads with the goal of continual improvement of their performance. In this manner, RevenueHits places emphasis on securing meaningful and contextual correspondence between the content you create for your audience and the ads you show them. This high-performing inventory is designed to significantly improve your conversion rates and, consequently, your revenue generation performance in no time.

It Offers Access to Optimal Ad Types

Still, the monetization of a publisher’s website also needs to offer flexibility in the selection of ad types and their format. To that effect, RevenueHits offers you a broad assortment of ad types: display banners, button, footer, interstitial, pop ads, shadow box, slider top banner, dialog and notifier ads. All of these formats come in varied sizes that allow for easy integration with the content depending on your specific needs. Recognizing the need for accommodating the increasing use of mobile devices by your users, most of our ad types are optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, and we also have two mobile-specific formats (dialog and notifier).

It Helps You Track Ad Performance and Plan Ahead

So, the initial steps are promising and easy to follow, what about having insight into how it performs? This should not worry you, as RevenueHits offers technology that allows you to easily scan and review the performance of your ad placements via its intuitive and internally developed dashboard. Its quality was recognized by the community of more than 20,000 publishers that regard RevenueHits as the essential element of their monetization efforts. The dashboard is designed to give you transparent insight into relevant advertising data, together with a set of tools for the optimization of your marketing performance in the shortest time possible. As such, the dashboard becomes your main instrument in securing that money keep coming your way, while poorly performing placements are easily recognized and addressed.

It does not matter if you are a professional or just a beginner, working with the RevenueHits ad network will be a completely frictionless experience. In addition to the dashboard’s intuitiveness in setting up and managing your ad space monetization, it also gives you a detailed insight into its vital performance parameters such as total impressions, clicks, eCPM, CTR (%) and revenues within a time interval you set. For better strategizing, the dashboard also features a simple line graph that represents the performance over the last eight days.

RevenueHits dashboard

RevenueHits’ intuitive dashboard gives you deep insight into key performance parameters of your monetization efforts

Image Credit: RevenueHits

It Does Not Allow Dishonest Advertising

For publishers, RevenueHits offers the highest possible level of control over the ads posted on their websites. We ensure their quality by forcing the advertisers we work with to adhere to the strictest standards regarding their ads. All the advertisers we work with are legally obliged to abstain from using advertisements for websites that feature content promoting child or adult pornography, racial and ethnic hatred or any other objectionable materials. Similarly, advertisers attempting to push ads that promote illegal activities such as cybercrime, hacking, drug or weapon proliferation will find no ally in RevenueHits. The same goes for prohibiting the advertisements of any pirated software, including so-called warez content, illegal directories containing multimedia or links to torrent sites.

Finally, RevenueHits promises to protect your audience from dubious advertising practices related to unauthorized tracking, irregular ad placement, mobile redirects, inappropriate tags or landing pages with malware or spyware. This company recognizes that users’ experience with the ads on your site ultimately figures highly in their general perception of your website’s quality and dedication to professionalism.

Don’t Get Ad Blocked

RevenueHits recognizes that your monetization endeavor should not be hampered by (evil) outside forces. This means that these profits should not be taken away through the unfair use of ad blocking technologies which are used increasingly today. In reality, ad blocking functions as the silent killer of your hard earned advertising dollar since you cannot know how many of your visitors use these abominations. RevenueHits offers an excellent solution in this segment as well, in the form of an anti-ad-blocking tool. It consists of free and 100% seamless software that has a spotless track record when it comes to its performance. It manages to bypass whatever blocking technology your visitors may attempt to use, countering its detrimental effect on your current revenues and recovering whatever profits you would have lost in this manner.


Selecting the right business partner can be a crucial consideration on the path to successful monetization of one’s website. It is particularly important if you want a partner that will help you select and show relevant ads on your site. RevenueHits goes a step further on this fundamental demand, by giving you access only to relevant and high-performing advertisements that target your audience with the help of advanced algorithms. After that, the only thing that should concern you as a publisher is using its highly intuitive dashboard to track the performance of all of your ad placements. At the same time, you can rest easy knowing that RevenueHits will greatly help the outcome of your efforts thanks to its strict clean advertising policy, which ensures that no unprofessional or dubious ads will be shown on your website. As a principle, this goes hand in hand with the focus on achieving relevancy and performance excellence. Finally, RevenueHits helps protect you from leaking revenue as a result of ad-block use through a sophisticated and seamlessly integrated tool.

Do not wait upon turning your website’s success into gold and make sure you pick up RevenueHits as a trusty ally that can build its long term experience and expertise into the foundations of your future success.

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