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Website traffic checkers that will help you evaluate a website before buying

by    |    Oct 23, 2018    |       3 min read

Getting the right perspective on the traffic a website gets is a key consideration when planning its purchase. Analysis of these metrics can give you the valuable insight needed to first valorize and monetize its content, not only prior to the purchase but for the purpose of future optimization of its features. Also, statistics of this type allow you to get a top-down view of what works (or not) for the competitors in your niche. This mostly revolves around creating estimates of a website’s sessions within a set time interval (day, week, month), identification of most important keywords and traffic sources (organic, referral, inorganic, social) and defining important metrics such as page views per visit, bounce rate, etc.

Yet, all of these parameters often come packaged with a dreaded ocean of data that can easily deter the faint of heart from even going through virtual due diligence before website purchase. Thankfully, there is a parallel fleet of website traffic checkers that will surely help you navigate the oceans with panache, and reach the fabled land of successful website acquisitions. Let us look at some of them:

1. Alexa

First, you need to arm yourself with tools that will help you come to terms with web statistics while simultaneously avoiding confusion and frustration. You should not only try to track the number of visitors coming to the website you want to buy but rather analytically approach their behavior while they spend (or waste) their time there.

Accordingly, the key to web analytics is being able to make sense of often overwhelming numbers and other data. This is often said of Google Analytics, so how about Alexa? It is a venerable yet effective and well-known web traffic checker. Alexa ranks websites by measuring both unique visitors and page views. Despite some skepticism regarding its stats, stemming from the fact that they are measured only for those with installed the accompanying toolbar, Alexa is still a functionally reliable and tested measuring tool for the popularity of a website you want to purchase and, yes, it does its job for free.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another accurate tool for visitor tracking and general traffic and rankings information. It also provides you with a record of keywords used in monitoring search traffic. Upon entering a URL of a website of your interest, it will also inform you about the paid traffic it generates via the use of software as well as about the backlinks which are often a good indicator of a website’s standing.

3. SimilarWeb

Like its competitors, SimilarWeb offers to track website statistics for free. As its name suggests, its former primary function was finding similar sites, from which it evolved into a tracker offering data about countries the traffic comes from, time the users spend on a particular website, keywords generating referrals, bounce rate and other measurements. All of this valuable information comes with no price tag, no less.

4. Compete

Compete also wants to establish itself as a traffic monitoring tool that you can use to better inform your website purchase decision. It covers 1,000,000 websites, with an overview of the number of unique visitors for each site. This comes in a package with additional information about their behavior such as presenting them together with a ranking status that offers a comparison with the competitors.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs came a long way by establishing itself as an accurate and trusted site traffic monitoring tool. It deals with metrics such as monitoring of backlinks, search engine rankings and the accompanying traffic they generate for the website of your interest. Traffic is also analyzed from the point of view of domains that send traffic to sites. All of these parameters can be compared against website rankings of the competitors, offering you to dig even deeper into the rich gold vein of data.

6. Quantcast

Quantcast is another website traffic checker and an offshoot of its mother company, which deals with digital advertising and audience measurements. It does its job for free and offers insight into traffic statistics, demographical and analytical data.

Like Compete, you can use Quantcast to determine how many people have visited a selected site via a desktop PC or mobile device during a given period. In case you need it, you can even divide the audience based on the devices they use, while additional metrics deal with countries from which the traffic originates, demographical data on visitors, etc.

Global traffic chart

Image Credit: Quantcast

7. Google AdWords Display Planner

Google Display Planner was formerly known as Google Ad Planner. Nowadays, it combines tools such as AdWords, Placement and Contextual Targeting. It became known as a rather reliable traffic checker, and its estimates will provide you with valuable metrics such as a number of visitors within a timeframe, page views, time spent on site and other traffic-related details.

8. My Site Wealth

My Site Wealth prides itself on being a tool aimed at providing as accurate as possible data relating to any website of your interest. It functions as a platform offering insight into traffic metrics, domain value and derived website prices. Visitor tracking is also made available for intervals such as days, weeks and months equally, in addition to analysis of traffic sources. The data it gathers allow it to offer ranking and SEO statistics estimates, which every potential buyer will find valuable.

9. AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs is all about monitoring comparative rankings between various websites. Similar to other tools, this information is enriched by a presentation of data on specific search terms. It may suffer from “more of the same” features, but all information point to it increasing its popularity over time.

10. SpyFu

SpyFu established itself as a valuable tool used not only for website traffic checking but for looking for profitable keywords and advertisements in relation to both organic and paid search. It boasts a clean interface in addition to offering access to metrics focused on marketing and advertising. It makes it possible to track keyword and SEO rankings on the most popular search engines. You can utilize SpyFu to further your own search traffic and track keywords as presented by search results.


All in all, website traffic checkers help clear statistical fog brought about by an abundance of often sterile data. The precious tools we’ve listed will not only prevent you from making ill-informed decisions on the occasion of buying a website but remain your long-term companions in optimizing and managing the sites you already own by allowing you to measure your performance with that of competitors.

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