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Types of Ads RevenueHits Offer

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Owning a quality web property can be a demanding proposition for the owner, both from the standpoint of meeting its content-related as well as the technical demands. Yet, assets such as blogs offered the owners an opportunity to turn them into a cake that they can both keep and sink their teeth into. The answer came in the form of ads that made it possible to avoid being kicked out of your virtual space due to unpaid bills, as well as to secure stream of quality content unburdened by financial concerns. As there is no such thing as a free lunch, your meal is best served with the help of web monetization professionals who offer a broad range of ad types to whet all appetites. Just make sure to check what’s on tap at RevenueHits, as a self-service ad network for publishers, and pick the best advertisement course for all of your monetization needs.

No Underperformance Allowed

In an age in which the shortcomings of the venerable AdSense service have been clearly recognized, it’s only logical to start looking for alternatives. RevenueHits offers a CPA (Cost Per Action) model that can be particularly attractive for niche segments of the market which need to secure stable revenue sources. At the same time, AdSense offers no control over ads, which means that you can have totally irrelevant advertising content next to what is offered on your website. This usually results in visitors that don’t click on ads, get irritated by them, spoiling their overall user experience with your web property.

At the same time, RevenueHits allows you to monetize your web property by placing ads on your site, which is done via Geo-targeted ad serving technology. In addition to websites, you as a publisher are free to monetize toolbars, widgets and other assets, with an important edge: your asset will not receive ads that do not perform well, as RevenueHits uses advanced algorithms to research and examine the ways to place the ads with the goal of continually improving their performance. This results in an inventory comprised solely of high-performing ads that are relevant to your visitors, which helps with conversion rates and, consequently, revenue generation.

Aligning Ad Type with Your Monetization Needs

With more than 20000 publishers using their services, one can easily see that RevenueHits needs to serve a broad range of clients who all demand various types of ads and expect related outcomes from them. Therefore, the company’s ad inventory was developed to comprise a various display and textual ads that are designed with the sole goal of increasing their performance. RevenueHits currently offers the following types of ads: display banner, button, footer, interstitial, pop ads, shadow box, slider top banner, dialog and notifier. All of these are readily available and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Simultaneously, RevenueHits utilizes technology that makes it possible to scan and review the performance of millions of ads online.

Yet, the final decision rests with you. As the generated income is dependent on ad performance, you are also free to select from any of these ad types. Once you make the decision on the advertisement type you prefer, you can share that information with the company to secure the placement of the most relevant ads on your web property. Prior to that, the most sensible approach is to analyze the crowd that frequents your website and picks an ad type that will be best aligned with their overall user experience.

User-Friendly Placement

No matter what ad type you opt for, installation of RevenueHits ads is simple and essentially similar to what the users have come to expect from contemporary online advertising platforms. Once the content of the site is up and running, RevenueHits ads can be installed in the footer, header and sidebar sections. Exact locations are easily selected via the layout menu on the dashboard. In case you need to re-imagine the selection process for any of the ad types on offer, it can be useful to illustrate the most important features of some of them.

traffic source chartSource: Pixabay

Banner Ads

desktop and mobile banner ads

Banner ads are based on static or animated images and are best used when the focus is on the visual promotion of one’s company, products or services. Their placement involves determining the best place to ensure users click on them while balancing this with the need to avoid distracting them. Some advice placing banners above the fold for maximum visibility thus securing the most desirable conversion rates. These banners come in various sizes, ranging from rectangular to full banners.

Pop Ads

desktop and mobile pop ads

These ads offer high visibility, which can help with boosting revenue from the present traffic on the website, particularly if it originates from developed countries. In order to avoid perceiving them as obtrusive, RevenueHits offers opening an ad window behind the one used for browsing, which renders it visible after the window or tab is closed.

Slider and Button

slider and buttons banner

Ads Slider ads consist of a banner which can be found in different sections of the website while remaining in a fixed position as the user scrolls up or down. They are usually small and rectangular in shape, resting at the lower segment of the screen before sliding from there after clicking on the close button.

desktop and mobile ads

Button ads are usually smaller visual-based ads placed within any section of the site, with a preference for the middle of the page or the right or left sides.

Footer and Interstitial Ads

Footer and Interstitial Ads

As their name suggests, footer ads appear at the bottom section of the webpage in the form of a banner that is rectangular in shape.

Interstitial Ads illustration

Unlike them, interstitial ads occupy full screen and behave similarly to pop-up ads. They are closed by hitting an “x” button and differ from banner ads by making visitors interact with them by clicking. Thanks to this, they manage to keep the visitor’s attention which is translated into higher conversion performance.

Shadow Box and Mobile-Only Ad Types

Shadow Box and Mobile-Only Ad Types

The shadow box option displays the ad by means of a non-transparent box appearing in the central section of the screen. A shadow box is hard to avoid, making it a great choice for ensuring that visitors interact with them.

Unlike the shadow box which is available for both desktop and mobile devices, dialog and notifier ads are designed solely for mobile platforms.

mobile dialog and notifier ads 1mobile dialog and notifier ads 2

Dialog ads feature a pop-up message on a customer’s’ mobile screen, prompting them to either hit OK or cancel button. Similarly, a notifier includes a message that appears in the top section of a webpage.

Customized Ads

In addition to standardized ad formats offered by RevenueHits, you can also ask for customization of an ad type in accordance with your preferences or specific needs of your digital marketing strategy. It’s just a matter of getting in touch with the support team that will guide you through the entire process.

support team that will guide you through the entire process

Source: Pexels


Monetization of your web property by means of ads should not be characterized by the “lone cowboy” approach. No matter whether you do it to secure the funding of the site itself, or to ensure a primary or secondary source of revenue for yourself, your best allies in the process are ad network professionals such as those at RevenueHits. Picking the right ad type can make a difference between experiencing faster or slower generation of income, confirming the need to look for advice on what works best for you, while leaving the final decision to your judgment. It is this synergy that will allow you to earn both successful and lucrative closure for your web monetization saga.

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