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The Untapped Goldmine of Email List Building

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Owning a blog with awesome content if often compared to sitting atop of a goldmine, but are you sure that you are exploiting its full capacity? There are some tools to make this possible, and you should not let them rust just because you have used them for other purposes. Chief among these is your trusty old email or, more precisely, your email list. If used correctly, this list can become a virtual untapped goldmine sitting right next to your blog. Take five minutes to learn more about why and how you can start striking its gold with the help of the following tips!

You Already Have All the Ingredients

The main benefit of dusting off and building your email list has to do with your blog’s traffic and, ultimately, long-term conversion of your visitors into subscribers. The “formula” used for this is so simple that you can start implementing it right now! So, you say you have excellent blog content? Does it sit next to concise and clear opt-in forms you use to gather your visitor’s contact information? If yes, then you have met all prerequisites for list building.

So, yes, it is true that an essential ingredient you need in getting access to this goldmine is simply offering fantastic content to your audience. You do not want to spam your visitors with less than exceptional content, so make sure you pick the best pieces to keep the recipients hooked via subscription.

Fishing for Emails

Still, convincing your readership to subscribe takes one more effort in addition to offering fantastic content. It has to do with your calls-to-action or calls-to-subscription if you like. Asking for your visitors’ emails should be done in a polite, concise and crystal clear manner. In addition to this, you need to place these forms in a strategic manner, meaning at the top of the sidebar, website footer or in the feature box.

Being smart with this placement means paying attention to the visuals as well, as the forms used for this purpose should not suffer because you want to have yet another floating element on your landing page. It’s your content the visitors are mostly after, and you’ll have plenty of time to charm them with your blog’s visuals once you have their emails on your list.

online marketing tacticsEmail marketing rules supreme among the competing online marketing tactics, and it depends on the quality of email list building

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Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Getting permission to be regularly emailed in exchange for contact info should be relatively easy for you because your readers are already showing an interest in what you have to offer. At the same time, you have to know that it is always useful to give your reluctant visitors a small nudge in the form of an offer they cannot refuse. By offering free stuff alongside your opt-in form, you will have them give you their contact info in no time.

How can you do it? The answer is, thankfully, rather simple, as these incentives can take the form of digital goods such as ebooks, tutorials, videos, paywalled content or exclusive content preview. That is the cornerstone of email marketing which, at the moment, offers ten times better conversions compared even to the mighty social media!

Email Marketing Beats Social Media

Why is this the case, you may wonder? Let’s look into some of the most important benefits of having a regularly updated email list:

  • A home-grown email list offers you access to your visitor’s inbox which they often treat as their most personal space in the virtual world. In this manner, you establish personal, direct and “organic” contact with a member of your audience.
  • At the same time, adding a new visitor to your email list means getting half the job done when it comes to targeting them. This is true since this person has already demonstrated an interest in what you offer as content on your blog. You can easily tailor the content you send them based on what they are interested in.
  • Unlike social media, your email list is fully owned and managed by you! This means that you are independent from any change of policies the people in charge of these media may impose on you or your audience. In addition to this, any communication you establish via email is in no danger of becoming a part of a social media news feed or timeline, helping you build confidence and trust between you, as a content provider, and your audience.

Tools of the Trade

List building is impossible without access to the right tools, and the most helpful ones are email marketing services that allow you to create and manage your email lists effectively. Let’s look at some of them:

  • MailChimp is the best known mailing list management platform. It offers various email features, such as customized forms and drag-&-drop form building tools. Mailchimp also offers support for a built-in photo editor and integrate easily with CRMs.
  • OptinMonster is another popular choice for bloggers looking to turn their casual audience into regular subscribers. It comes together with ready-made templates, opt-in form designing tools, and customizable pop-ups that target your audience based on their geographical location or type of interaction with your content.
  • Constant Contact is a well-known email marketing service platform that can give you access to a huge library of templates. You can also build these yourself via its intuitive drag & drop builder tool. In addition to this, Constant Contact offers full integration with social media and an assortment of analytical features.

Do Not Forget Segmentation

A pro tip: Growing your email list starts with being efficient in managing what you already have on these lists. This means that you should be able to group your subscribers and have your emails both open and read only by readers who will find them most interesting. This process is called segmentation and involves dividing your email list based on the categories of users you want to target.

This segmentation can be done based on various criteria. Bear in mind that some of your users may want to receive your regular newsletter, while others only want to be notified about specific content that catches their interest. In addition, your email list can be further divided into groups of users based on their age, profession and gender.


Growing your email list is an excellent way to build a strong following for your blog, not just in its numbers but in quality. So, if you have great content to offer to the world, there is no reason why your email should not become yet another channel for promoting it. Quality management of your email lists starts by growing it with accessible and well-designed opt-in forms. These work well with trying free stuff as an additional incentive for having your readership give away their contact information. Once your email list is in place, you can segment it based on the recipients’ categories and start delivering highly targeted content.

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