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The Launch of the First Banner Anti-Adblocker

by    |    Sep 2, 2018    |       2 min read

Anyone who monetizes their website is aware of the scourge that is called the ad-blocker. It is a revenue killer, and seeing as it’s legal as opposed to click fraud, you are limited in what you can do to fight it.

The numbers of ad-blocking software users are constantly on the rise, and the recent Chrome ad blocker launch just solidified its position as a mainstay on the world wide web.Adblock post blog

Source: PageFair

While Chrome’s ad-blocking software is programmed to block only user-experience abusing ad types, other adblockers do not make any distinction between “good” ads and “bad” ads. They block everything, and your revenue suffers for it.

Never Stop Fighting

RevenueHits has long fought this menace for publishers, believing in the old unwritten rule that the internet is free because advertising is paying the bills. That is why at the beginning of 2017, we launched our proprietary anti-pop-adblocker, which seamlessly circumvents any ad-blocking software, displays the pop ads you place to your visitors and restores your revenue levels.

First Ever Banner Anti-Adblocker


Until now, our ad-blocking software has targeted only pop-ads, helping publishers who use that ad-type to maximize their revenue from popunders. But pop is not the only ad type around, and many publishers either prefer the banner ad type, which less intrusive than pop, or they combine their pop-unders with banners, which is the recommended way to go.

Realizing we must present an anti-ad-blocking solution to our banner using partners, our development team has worked tirelessly to develop a software that detects when a banner is being blocked by an anti-blocker, and unblocks it, so to speak.

We are proud to say that as of now, RevenueHits is the only publisher platform that offers an anti-adblocker that targets banners.


So if you are a RevenueHits publisher and you are displaying banners on your website, contact one of our account managers, and he or she will instruct you how to implement this innovative software. Your ad impressions will probably go up increasing your chances to get clicks and increase your revenue. If you are displaying banners but are not yet monetizing with RevenueHits, now is the time to register. Upgrade your ad-blocking software, sit back and watch your revenue rise.

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