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Sick And Tired of Trying to Increase Traffic to Your Blog the Old Way

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Being an experienced blogger means resisting the urge not to fall asleep when you hear yet another tirade on the importance of traffic for your blog. So, yes, you are well aware that it is the lifeline of your blog, but how do you build upon this often repeated knowledge? This is surely not done by following the same old advice about improving your traffic stats as a way to kick your blogging effort into higher gear. Sometimes, the solution lies in going beyond the tried & tested methods, no matter how great they are. Read on to learn how you can increase traffic to your blog just by following these easy methods.

Attractive Titles Help Your Posts Become Viral

You have heard a lot about the supremacy of content over everything else you do on your blog. That may be true, but what about something which precedes it, not necessarily by its importance but rather literally? Yes, we are talking about post titles which should be both irresistible and creative, while striding the fine line between clickbait and moderation in the number of characters. Some bloggers swear by them to the degree of proclaiming them to be more important than the content itself!

Yet, we’ll not go as far, but it’s useful to remember that you can “cheat” here a bit, by firing up your readers’ expectations regarding what is hidden beneath these titles in the form of content. So, yes, you can be a bit sensational with the title, but the content you serve below must be authentic. According to HubSpot, you will achieve the best results by following some of the iron rules of this craft. They are related to using particularly effective phrases that are bound to catch your readers’ attention and, in turn, drive better traffic:

  • Use “The Best” in the titles of your posts, such as in “The Best Way To…”
  • Say that something can be done easier (The Easiest Way To…) or faster (The Quickest Way To…)
  • You can hardly go wrong with the Wh-words, such as why, what, where or how. Examples are “How Do I…” “What We Do When…”

Do not forget that 8 out of 10 people will interact with your content, provided that you adorn it with just the right title!

Approach Your Content and Audience Strategically

Writing great headlines is one side of the coin, but you can help your content become more of a traffic magnet if you approach it strategically. This means that driving traffic via content means being economical with your time in its creation, as well as with the number of eyes you show it to. So, to deliver it to just the right eyes, you’ll need to find them in whatever remote corner of the internet they may be hiding! At the same time, while the internet will actually help you find your audience, it’s your judgment that will ultimately help you understand them and target them with your blog’s content in this strategic manner.

For starters, Quora can be an excellent platform (together with countless online forums related to the topics you write about) to find out what makes your audience tick. First, you’ll need to think of keywords that hold relevance to the content you blog about. Quora’s search box will give you insight into the most important issues on your audience’s mind, allowing you to better tailor the long-tail keywords for your blog posts that will ultimately improve your blog’s search rankings. You can also use Google Analytics to identify the websites that drive the majority of the referral traffic.

One final piece of advice here: when using the platforms to reach your audience in this manner, make sure you engage them authentically and actively! Before posting links to your blog, double check if they are appropriate or relevant to the topic at hand – you do not want to be perceived as a spammer, but rather as a genuine member of the community that enriches others by providing links to your blog’s content.


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Promoting and Republishing Your Best Posts

To increase traffic to your blog means keeping a vigilant eye on the promotion of your blog’s content. It’s only in this manner that your otherwise excellent blog posts will be allowed to thrive alongside desired traffic rates. When it comes to promotion, do not underestimate the role of an old workhorse in the form of your email. Yes, it’s high time you dusted off your email contacts and let them know that you are actively engaged in creating articles worthy of their attention. This will allow you to keep your existing visitors returning to your blog. In this case, your trump card is their familiarity with the blog topic, making it easy to prepare a monthly or weekly newsletter with the links to your best recent posts or even free goodies, such as upgraded content access, links to free ebooks or other stuff.

In addition to spurring your traffic with the help of the familiar audience, you can also push for reaching a new audience by means of going for republishing your blog’s content on potentially underutilized platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn Pulse. By including links to your blog posts via these content platforms, you can send traffic to where you need it the most and profit from the resources you already have access to at no additional cost.

Content Curation and Webinars Can Help, Too

Yes, you are already well aware that search engine rankings can play a key role in driving traffic to your blog, but you are less likely to know that content curation can sometimes outperform original content in the search engine rankings. Knowing that posts with curated content can perform just as well or rank even higher compared to those featuring original content surely deserves reconsideration of its value when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Start by using it sparingly and checking your traffic performance in the process.

You should apply similar wisdom in case of using other underutilized traffic drivers. For example, you can consider organizing a webinar as a superb medium for both audience engagement and traffic boost. If you do it with panache, your webinar will attract enough audience whose referrals to your website will not only drive traffic but spread the word about your blog at the same time.


Driving traffic to your post can be seen as working at the city planning department, in which all roads should lead to your blog as its “Rome”! This effort profits from trying the tried and tested methods (the “old way”), paired with smart thinking about alternative ways to help these efforts, such as the ones described in this post. Just remember to keep the roads open for both your existing and new audience and bear in mind that Rome was not built in a day!

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