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RevenueHits Enables Optimization – Here’s Why That’s important

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Achieving smart optimization of web monetization can make the difference between reaping its benefits in a shorter or longer period of time. As each publisher strives to get quick access to rightfully deserved profits, with an eye on their long-term generation, the issue of optimization becomes a key consideration in running a successful and well-monetized website. RevenueHits recognizes the importance of early optimization of your ad space monetization with the help of SEO-friendly practices, smart placement of relevant ads and the dedication to protecting your professional integrity with its clean advertising policy. Read on to learn how its built-in optimization engine can skyrocket your ad revenue generation and deliver a stellar user experience at the same time.

Comprehensive Advertising Solution

Optimizing ad placements means approaching the monetization of ads in a holistic manner, i.e. treating ads as an inseparable part of your audience’s user experience and entire website’s performance. In other words, you cannot expect to slap ads haphazardly and expect them to keep filling your pockets in the long run! First of all, your website/blog’s ranking and SEO are closely related to your approach to the ad placement and presentation. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing if you place too many ads on your site – this will result in a lower SEO ranking on Google and could even mean penalties.

To avoid this, RevenueHits can optimize your SEO performance by giving you access to the best performing ads that are placed only after its engine has analyzed both your content and the audience it attracts. After this, its algorithms will pick up only the ones that fit well with the general context of your website. This means that you will not see fast food chain ads on a site dedicated to healthy living, for example. Let’s see how and why this can be the best solution for your marketing strategy.

Let the Optimization Engine Sort Things Out

RevenueHits is a self-service platform for publishers designed with the focus on helping web owners monetize their assets and extract the highest value from every inch of available advertising space. At the moment, it serves more than two billion ad impressions daily across all GEOs, which is something that more than 20,000 publishers can hardly live without. The reason for this is its guaranteed 100% fill rate and all-around optimizations for web and mobile platforms alike.

The entire concept of optimization which RevenueHits offers is based on providing support for showing only the most profitable ads in a timely manner and based on your visitor’s geographic location. RevenueHits uses advanced algorithms that examine the content you offer on your website and subsequently come up with the most relevant ads to be shown to your visitors. In addition to working around the clock to tailor your ads to your visitors, this optimization engine can actually learn from your performance results and apply its insights in real time with the sole goal of improving your marketing performance.

Since the optimization engine within the platform provided by RevenueHits generates performance-related data as time goes on, you have free access to a personal account manager who can help you make sense of this information and decide on the best approach based on them.

RevenueHits Boosts Your SEO Performance

So, working with RevenueHits starts getting immediate approval for your website in addition to your personal account manager. However, optimizing your marketing performance takes more than that. First of all, having too many ads means damaging their earning potential in the long run, since having too many of them has a negative impact on your SEO due to slow loading of pages and obstructed access to the content. While other ad networks may hope to achieve results by telling you to visually spam your visitors by posting as many ads as possible, RevenueHits eschews the ad overload approach and goes for giving your better conversion rates by means of smart targeting of your audience.

In this manner, you will avoid undesirable situations in which your visitors try to click away from ads in panic or constantly refresh the page containing advertisements. With RevenueHits, they will see a moderate amount of ads which are placed in a non-aggressive manner and are related to the content they come for.

This allows you to reap other benefits as well. Google has been known to reward points for ads that are seamlessly and intuitively integrated with the content in the manner which does not antagonize the audience. A few years ago, Google promised both the publishers and audience to take care of “pages with more advertising than publisher-provided content,” in its effort to help the users interact with content in the most intuitive manner. In addition to protecting and keeping your valuable audience, by choosing RevenueHits, you will also avoid suffering penalties from Google and other search engines and improve the SEO ranking of your site in the long run.

RevenueHits’ native engine will continually track and optimize key performance parameters of your monetization – Image Credit: Stream SEO

Clean Ads Keep Your Audience and Profits Safe

In addition to SEO, RevenueHits is aware that focusing on your audience’s user experience means not only preventing the showing of irrelevant or excessive ads but also protecting the visitors from trash and undesirable ads as well.

Its clean advertising policy includes the prohibition of ads referring to pirated software, warez or illegal directories containing multimedia or links to torrent sites. It promises zero tolerance to notorious advertising policies such as irregular ad placement, mobile redirects, inappropriate tags, landing pages with malware or spyware and unauthorized tracking of users’ activities. Taking out the advertising trash from your backyard and putting up a robust barrier against it serves not only to earn you points with your audience but to protect your website from any penalties that search engines may impose in relation with practices that negatively impact your SEO or website rankings.


For publishers, the optimization of ad placement starts with the planning for covering all bases of this whole endeavor. This means taking care of all the particulars related to the monetization of a website by means of ads – a task which can seem daunting and be draining on your resources and time. To avoid this, your best bet is finding an experienced and proven business partner that understands what publishers want to achieve with digital advertising.

RevenueHits offers a total solution for the optimization of one’s monetization efforts and their outcomes. The ads it provides to publishers are aligned with the content they produce, placed unobtrusively for the targeted audience that frequents the site in question. We cover all aspects of your advertising campaign by regular performance tracking and streamlining via its native optimization engine which delivers excellent ad performance across the board. Plus, this will improve your website’s ranking and SEO by guaranteeing only the best user experience for your audience.

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