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Restore Your Lost Ad Revenue and Increase Your Traffic with RevenueHits’ Anti Ad Blocker

by    |    Sep 20, 2018    |       5 min read

Ad blocking has been a pain in the neck for marketers over the past few years, but it has spread into a full-blown epidemic now. What started as a mere spam-blocking measure has now turned into a global trend, hurting publishers’ traffic and ad revenues in the process. Nowadays, ad blockers are often seen as a “guardian” gone rogue, as its initial role of a means to deal with the overload of spammy adverts has been twisted into that of a covert revenue dampener for marketers and publishers. RevenueHits ad network has responded to this global phenomenon by devising an anti-ad-blocker that will help you recover your lost profits and boost traffic simultaneously. Stay with us to learn more about this smart and engaging tech.

Ad Blocking: Rising Threat

Marketers have been sounding alarmed bells over the problem of ad blocking technologies for some time now, yet even they could not foresee what it would turn into. According to reliable sources, the number of users of ad blocking tech increased by 30% in 2016, amounting to 615 million ad blocking devices in use now. If we are to put a human face on this issue, you can say that these figures encompass 69.8 million persons who are more or less hostile to your adverts, and the numbers of ad-block sympathizers are ever increasing. Finally, this is hardly an abstract issue, as your digital advertising revenues will suffer some rather palpable damage, amounting to no less than $41 billion in 2016 for the industry as a whole.

Stop Silent Profit Drain

So, if the ads displayed on your website or blog are your main source of revenue, you are likely to have already become a victim of the described trends, as the ad blockers siphon away your hard earned money, with you being unaware of the problem. Just as the ads are supposed to earn you money while you sleep, Ad-Blockers drain your profits with the same level of diligence, striking at them with silent efficiency. This tech manages to prevent your ads from reaching their intended audience before you even realize you are faced with a problem in the first place.

So, you want to strike back at the silent assassin of your financial prospects? RevenueHits encourages you to do so and offers just the right tool, in the form of its free and 100% seamless software that has a spotless track record in dealing with all ad blockers. This anti-ad-blocking software manages to bypass whatever blocking technology they might throw at it, countering its detrimental effect on your revenues by acting as its silent recoverer.

Devices using adblock software on the open web

Devices using Adblock software on the open web [Image credit: Business Insider]

Take Initiative and Recover Losses

RevenueHits’ anti-ad-blocking technology deals away with the passive approach to the issue that has so far relegated you a publisher to a status of a silent observer who waits and prays for the best. In order to keep your advertising effort ahead of the curve, RevenueHits gives you access to a sophisticated cyber technology that puts up an effective shield against current ad-blocking techniques. In this manner, you can take a more proactive role instead of that of a subject surrendered to the vicissitudes of “destiny”, an approach that actually plays into the hands of ad-block providers. By fighting back the ad blocking, you take initiative into your hands and both prevent and recover future losses.

The solution offered by RevenueHits is not only efficient and easy-to-use but also conducive to the simplest possible integration with your website. It allows you to integrate an anti-ad-blocking code with no fuss. This code will detect and bypass adblocking software and ensure that all ads that it intended to block are actually shown to the desired recipient. Whatever amount of revenues you have lost over the years due to ad-blocking software will become recoverable now, along with the portions of the traffic that were denied to you due to the same practice.

In addition to the hassle-free integration with your website, this tool will allow you to recover your ad exposure in no time. Everything you need to do is to get the anti-ad-blocking code offered by RevenueHits and seamlessly integrate it with your site. According to recent studies, publishers who installed anti-Ad-Blocking code immediately regained 15%-30% of their traffic.

Serve Ads that Encourage Clicking

At the same time, RevenueHits promises to remedy not only the consequences of the ad blocking tech prevalence but counter its effects from another direction as well. As the ad blocking technology arose in response to users being bombarded by inappropriate and dubious ads, RevenueHits strikes at the root of the problem by serving your visitors only the contextually worthy and clean ads. It recognizes that your success on the path of becoming a pro publisher who earns money by posting ads on his/her site will largely depend on the successful delivery of the message that your ads are supposed to originally convey. With its focus on user experience in interacting with ads, RevenueHits ensures the correct and timely placement of secure ads alongside the content you want to monetize, with the particular focus on security and optimization.

Since the competing networks offer little or no control in this field, this means that you can have totally irrelevant or misplaced advertisements appearing next to what is offered as content on your website. This usually results in visitors avoiding to click on ads or annoying and alienating users, which will harm your traffic numbers. With more than 20,000 publishers using their services, one can easily see why RevenueHits serves a broad range of clients that all demand clear advertising practices and expect desired outcomes from their application. In this manner, RevenueHits enriches your website with ads that encourage clicking instead of blocking.


The proliferation of ad blocking software has been huge in the past few years. Moving away from its original purpose of moderating spam advertising excesses, this type of technology has given marketers and web owners a hard time with their monetization efforts. RevenueHits has recognized this issue for what it is and created an effective countermeasure – an anti-ad-blocking tool in the form of a code that can be seamlessly integrated with your site. Thus, you will be able to recover all the revenues you lost while ad blockers worked insidiously against your advertising campaign. In addition to this, RevenueHits’ will allow you to go beyond that by helping you improve your traffic via the clean and highly contextual ads it serves. With this two-pronged approach, the financial prospects of your advertising campaigns will be rendered safe and future-proof.

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