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PPC Advertising Might just Be Your Holy Grail

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PPC advertising has gained traction among the marketers that can recognize the unique value propositions it offers them. Once the fog of misinformation and prejudice has cleared, this advertising model practically begs to be considered not as the opposite of SEO, but rather as a needed addition to your advertising strategy. If SEO is your source of pride thanks to its focus on reaching as wide of an audience as possible and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to generating revenue, PPC advertising can be a long overdue boost to your marketing effort. Read on to find out more about the best thing you can do for your advertising campaign.

Audience Targeting

Despite being taught that one man or thing cannot make a difference, you can bet that PPC advertising can actually take your marketing strategy and advertising performance to whole new levels. The reason for this stems from the fact that it involves the use of sponsored links that you buy and include in search engine result pages (SERPs). You can also insert them into blogs, regular websites and other content-based platforms. In essence, paid search of this type will allow you to have your website appear among SERPs once a user or potential client types in a specific keyword or keyphrase in a search engine.

n reality, it is this fee-based model paired with laser-like audience targeting that allows PPC advertising to emerge as a sort of Holy Grail for marketers who want to know where their money goes, and if it is best spent. PPC ads function as a bridge to new swathes of audiences. Since it allows for targeting of clients based on keywords, you can actually put your ads before the crowd that is most likely to find them both palatable and actionable. Specifically, it gives you a shortcut to building an ideal audience. And you can rest easy knowing that your offer will reach individuals who have already shown an interest in it by clicking on highly specific ads.

Perfect SEO Complement

In addition to connecting you with the right audience, PPC advertising functions as a perfect companion to your current SEO investment. Marketers have recognized the need to unify SEO campaigns with those PPC ones since favoring one over the other only hurts your results.

The key role here is played by keywords, whose impression data should be analyzed in order to determine the number of users that can see your ads shown per keyword. Once you have done this, you’ll have better insight into the popularity of certain keywords. Take, for example, the available data you can gather on the performance of your holiday ads from last year. These give you insight into which ads, keywords or calls-to-action actually provided optimal results.

In addition to this, PPC marketing will help you with preparing a highly useful long-tail keyword list. Granted, these narrowed down search phrases generate less traffic, but they also function as a sort of “safe space” by being less competitive. You’ll soon learn to appreciate these lists as they can help you tailor your page content in a manner that will allow it to emerge higher on SERPs and, thus, give you access to an audience that is both targeted and exclusive.

Finally, data on clicks, impressions, and conversions for each specific keyword can be made part of your general SEO and content generation strategy for the purpose of marketing optimization.

PPC Advertising

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Flexible Payment Model

As its name already suggests, PPC advertising gives you access to a healthy payment model based on payments made only when a person actually clicks on an ad or sees your content. The costs incurred will actually pay for themselves by presenting you with an opportunity to interact with the person who is actually interested in your offer, as evidenced by their ad clicking.

At the same time, you do not have to fear some unpredictable liabilities, as your ad spending can be finely tuned. This comes with the budgetary flexibility that allows you to start with a less ambitious campaign, only to have it scaled parallel to the growth of your business. With PPC advertising, you are able to define the limits of your ad budget and bids, and determine the amount of what is acceptable to you in terms of spending. Provided that your PPC campaign produces expected results, you can immediately turn the heat up, just as you are able to stop an entire campaign with an equivalent of a button press. Other marketing efforts of this type do not give you this level of budget control and flexibility, as they are both harder to launch and stop/pause at the same time.

Speaking of other models, PPC ads offer clear advantages over the cost per impression model which requires you to pay per 1000 impressions your ad receives. With PPC advertising, you are not charged until the moment an impression turns into a click. This level of flexibility means that you can dedicate both your saved time and efforts to boosting your site content, keyword targeting or budgeting practices. The less you are required to spend on users that are not interested in what you offer, the more you can invest in the optimization of landing pages or the content that links to them. Finally, all of this is easily checked with the use of simple ROI calculation formulas that allow you to empirically check the amount of hard cash you were able to squeeze from your PPC advertising in an easy and intuitive manner.


PPC advertising offers a lot to marketers in at least three key essential areas: audience targeting, SEO streamlining and flexible payment model. Thanks to its audience-focused model, PPC ads help drive visitors to your website and grab their attention with ads that are contextual, based on keyword analysis. At the same time, PPC functions as a perfect complement to building your organic search ranking by helping you identify long-tail keywords and study keyword impression data. Finally, its payment model provides a high degree of control over the budgeting and scope of your advertising campaigns and let you divert resources according to your specific needs and available funds.

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