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COVID-19: This is What’s Happening Right Now

by    |    Mar 19, 2020    |       5 min read

Let’s talk about changes. In today’s world, everything changes very quickly; from technology to politics to the economy – everything changes. Yes, even people change. But in this fast-changing world and considering the current events, we want to ensure one thing is stable – your success.

Together with our expert account managers, we created a list of the verticals that have high potential to be profitable, especially during this uncertainty. In this article, we will share these verticals with you and give you the best tips on how to run with them.


It’s no secret that people are hooked on news sites right now and looking for every bit of information. The news vertical is very popular these days and it is relevant to a wide audience of users. This is your time to offer them something interesting to read or expose them to the updated events around the world.


The current events created a global phenomenon of people spending the majority, and sometimes all of their time, at home. Spending so much time indoors leads to boredom, and people look for ways to make time move faster. Here are some verticals we believe may experience a significant increase in traffic:

  1. Streaming – ‘Binge’ – watching or listening to music is an activity a lot of people choose these days. They go on streaming websites and spend a longer time there than usual. There is no better time to increase your traffic and performance. We have the best offers which are highly dedicated to these verticals, all we need is your traffic. At the moment, we are seeing a huge increase in conversion rates on streaming websites.
  2. Gaming – Another great way to kill time is gaming. Gamers are looking for games and gaming content, and you can catch them right on time. Think about increasing your traffic by SEO and attracting more users through Youtube channels and podcasts. That action alone can bring a lot of high-quality users into your website and improve your daily performance and conversion rates.
  3. Ebooks – Since we all are already home, there isn’t a better time to learn something new. Since your local book store is probably close, Ebook offers a solution for those of us that want to finish these hard times more educated. We got the offers, all we need is your traffic😉
 And Here are Some More Tips:
  • Change your angles and try showing why your websites are relevant to the current events. Make the users understand why they need to use your website and use the Covid-19 as an advantage. A few angles for example:
    • “You’re home already – why won’t you spend this time with a good comforting movie?”
    • “Want to clear your mind? why won’t you check out this new game?”
  • Optimize and BI all the time. Know your enemy – you should always follow your competitors and see what they are doing and what’s new with them. Dedicate a certain amount of time daily to check what’s new and optimize your website’s appearance and content whenever you can. Change the ad layout on-site to achieve maximum results on these high times.
  • Stay updated. Nowadays, simply refreshing the news websites give you new information. See how you can use this information to your benefit.

We hope these tips would help you maintain your business as usual and that you will stay safe and sound. Your account managers are here to help you with anything you need, so don’t hesitate to contact them directly on Email, Skype or through our Support.

Stay safe!

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