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Mindblowing: RevenueHits’ Optimization Engine Supports Your Blog’s Ranking & SEO

by    |    Sep 11, 2018    |       3 min read

Most publishers are well aware that ads are a vital part of any monetization campaign they may engage in, but few of them know that the same ads can just as well hurt your blog’s ranking and SEO efforts at the same time. In defiance of an old saying that you “cannot have much of a good thing”, you surely can have too many ads, a fact that has a negative impact both on your visitors and SEO. Having said that, your web asset will not be able to generate much-needed dough without a perfectly balanced ratio between high-quality traffic and a healthy injection of ads as part of your digital marketing campaign. RevenueHits fashioned its entire business philosophy around the idea of optimizing your SEO performance in addition to providing you with top class ads only. Read on to find out if this is something that your monetization and SEO efforts need badly at the moment and how RevenueHits can help you with it instantly.

Optimization Engine and Personal Account Managers

First things first, RevenueHits is a self-service platform for publishers that is designed with the focus on helping them monetize their web asset and extract the highest value from every inch of their available advertising space. Currently, it serves more than two billion ad impressions per day across all geos, together with more than 20,000 publishers that have learned to appreciate its guaranteed 100% fill rate and all-around optimizations for web and mobile platforms alike.

The whole concept of the optimization implemented by RevenueHits rests on focusing on offering robust support for showing only the most profitable ads in a timely manner and based on your visitor’s geographic location. RevenueHits uses state-of-the-art algorithms that examine the content you offer on your website and subsequently come up with the most relevant ads to be shown to your visitors. They can actually learn from your performance results and work solely for the skyrocketing your performance in real-time.

In addition to this, if you have a website that manages to send high-quality and prolific content to the RevenueHits’ advertising partners, the company will assign you a personal account manager that will work with you to foster your site’s growth and optimize each facet of your revenue-making efforts. As every website tells its own story in terms of its branding, content offer, and monetization strategy, RevenueHits’ account managers will approach it as a unique platform for serving ads and will look for the best opportunities offered by your traffic. At the same time, the optimization engine within the platform will churn out statistical data as the campaign goes on, allowing both you and your assigned account manager to decide what works best for you, both from the monetization and SEO performance standpoints.

No Spray and Pray Advertising

So, being given a personal account manager together with the immediate approval of your website still does not mean that you should be trigger-happy when posting ads on your site. What other ad networks may attempt to achieve by allowing their clients to spam their visitors with ads, RevenueHits achieves by means of reducing the overload of ads and going for conversion by means of careful targeting of your audience. Knowing that having too many ads negatively impacts your SEO (even if you go for Google AdSense) due to slow loading of pages and obstruction of access to the content, RevenueHits opts for showing your visitors only the contextually worthy and clean ads.

These ads will prevent occurrences of events where your visitors attempt to access your content by panic scrolling or excessive refreshing, situations that not only drive away your audience but also cause you to suffer SEO penalties from Google and lower your web property’s ranking. They do this not because they hate your ads, but rather because they reward points for the ads that are seamlessly and intuitively integrated with the content in the manner which does not antagonize the audience.

RevenueHits recognizes this by focusing on ad placement optimization that ties in directly with your overall SEO strategy. Its contextual ads rely on the successful delivery of the message that these ads were initially designed to relay. Thanks to its focus on delivering stellar user experience in visitors’ interactions with the ads it serves, RevenueHits ensures healthy ranking and SEO performance of the web property you want to monetize, together with guarantees that this will be achieved in a secure and well-optimized manner.

Profit generation

Image Credit: RevenueHits

Better UX Equals Quality SEO

Negative SEO impact, being exposed to search engine penalties and overall lower rankings are just some of the symptoms of publishers’ lack of focus on the quality of ad format and placement. Back in 2012, Google promised both publishers and audience to take care of “pages with more advertising than publisher-provided content”, in its effort to help the users interact with content in the most intuitive manner. This means that publishers have to focus on advertising that is leaner in quantity while being more efficient in quality, which is just what RevenueHits enshrined as the core of its marketing philosophy.

First of all, RevenueHits is well aware that keeping trash and website slowing ads out of your backyard is one of the best ways to pass the evaluation by Google’s relentless crawlers with flying colors. That is why it made a pledge to offer you only the ads that are in line with its clean advertising policy. Since the competing networks give you little or no control in this segment, you can experience having misplaced or out-of-context ads appearing next to the content you build your hard-earned image on. With this problem out of the way, publishers can spend more time actually creating great content, looking for the best keywords to drive traffic, and on using blog title generators to help them pick the most engaging titles.

This clean advertising policy includes the prohibition of ads referring to pirated software, warez or illegal directories containing multimedia or links to torrent sites. It promises zero tolerance to notorious advertising practices such as irregular ad placement, mobile redirects, inappropriate tags, landing pages with malware or spyware and unauthorized tracking of users’ activities. Taking out the advertising trash from your backyard and putting up a robust barrier against it serves not only to earn you points with your audience but to steer your website away from any penalties that search engines may impose in relation with practices that negatively impact your SEO or website rankings.


As there is no magic wand to check if your website is showing in the search engines’ black book, your safest bet in dealing with this issue is to find an experienced and proven business partner that can guide you along these tricky paths. RevenueHits understands the importance that ads play in relation to securing excellent search engine rankings and implementation of best industry practices for SEO. Its optimization engine allows you to use ads as your trusted monetization tools while preventing them from impairing your audience’s user experience and, in turn, hampering your SEO efforts and rankings.

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