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How to Tell if You’ve Hired a Google AdWords Expert

by    |    Jun 9, 2019    |       3 min read

Having a quality AdWords expert by your side can be a key consideration in managing a successful AdWords campaign. These persons come in various flavors, making it obligatory for you to have a keen eye when separating true professionals from pretenders. The reason for this stems from the fact that what is visible in terms of AdWords campaigns usually is just a tip of an iceberg, with its heavy cogs doing all the grinding work under the surface.

This means that it is not sufficient just to design an AdWords campaign and let it run without adequate supervision while hoping that, for example, the readers will simply click on ads or that keywords will reap benefits for you on their own. Thus, you’ll need to be able to recognize the indicators that your AdWords professionals are doing their job well and you’ll get a better insight into these factors if you take five minutes to go through the following article.

They Set Smart Campaign Goals

AdWords experts need to be aware that your campaign’s success will heavily rely on clearly set key performance indicators (KPIs). Their success in its implementation needs to be corroborated by concrete data that will serve as a stepping stone for optimizing campaigns and curing its weak points. The importance of setting clear business objectives cannot be overstated, as their indicators must not contradict themselves, such as setting target CPA at a too low value while expecting to maintain top rankings, for example. Instead of expecting to achieve unrealistic goals, your expert should focus on picking the one which matters the most in the grand scheme of things for your business.

This reflects the fact that genuine AdWords professionals understand that their campaigns are not static businesses, but rather dynamic affairs with frequently changing goals. As they proceed with them, you are bound to acquire large amounts of statistical and analytical data. Your employee’s expertise will be proven by the constant evaluation of this data, whose performance indicators will be used to manage and modify campaigns in accordance with real-life developments in the field.

They Regularly Test Different Ad Versions

AdWords experts should also understand and build upon the value of experimenting with various ad versions, with the goal of checking their capacity to convert. Google advertising professional Amy Middleton emphasizes the importance of breaking down AdWords ads into components, such as headlines and descriptions. In order to create a successful ad, your expert will have to come up with an eye-catching headline that is able to attract your visitor’s attention. In addition to this, it should also exhibit relevancy in relation to what they search for.

At the same time, these ads need to inform readers about the advantages and value offered by your product or service, in form of initial descriptive information accompanied by a detailed outline of their benefits that serve as a call to take a specific action. In this light, according to Middleton, AdWords professionals should readily engage in regular testing of at least three versions of ads. In the first version, AdWords pro would specify what specific products or services they offer to the user in terms of the product value. This should be expressed by a keyword which is featured in the ad headline.

The second version should be more oriented towards describing which issue the user faces can be resolved by taking an action in relation to a specific ad. The user should have no dilemmas with regard to the clarity of this message, meaning that it should be precise and to the point.

Finally, the third version of an AdWords ad marks the point at which an AdWords expert is allowed to go wild with his/her creativity, by attempting to create something which is completely different compared to the previous two versions. This includes experimenting with unorthodox headlines, descriptions and other ad elements. Upon creating these, your AdWords professional should be able to take the next logical step and test all of these versions thoroughly, in the context of their potential to achieve the best possible resonance with your audience. If executed correctly, this experiment will be concluded with your AdWords expert presenting you with a well-argued case for the use of the single best ad version for your campaign.


Image Credit: Blue Diamond Gallery

They Create and Manage Optimization Checklists

Once your AdWords professional demonstrates a clear understanding of both ad performance goals and their inner workings, it is time to check if he/she can keep track of the campaign itself, once it is set in motion. You’ll know that you are on the right track if these employees can do it by creating and managing checklists that reflect several key aspects of AdWords campaigns: keywords, queries, ads, bidding, and budgeting. Let us call these optimization checklists for AdWords and see what makes them tick.

Take, for example, keyword checklists, which should feature planning for removal of duplicate keywords, with the knowledge that Google will ultimately select the best keyword for the ad auction. Also, you’ll have to keep an eye on keywords that spend more than what is expected in terms of the amount needed for a single conversion. Similar attention should be given to keywords with a poor quality score.

The same level of detail should be achieved in case of creating a query or budgeting checklists. Converting queries, for example, can be added as keywords, in order to determine what the users type in when they search for stuff. The same can be said of queries with better CTR compared to the keywords that actually serve as triggers for specific queries. When it comes to budget, make sure to check that the checklists of your AdWords expert contain items relating to intelligent budgetary allocations and projections based on data from previous campaigns.

The scope and level of detail of these checklists will depend on the level of skill and expertise your expert can demonstrate to you. The more detailed they are, the easier it will be to double check the campaign’s success parameters as it goes on.


Checking the competences of an AdWords professional you hired entails examining their familiarity with established or best practices that can secure the success of your AdWords campaign. Establishing an early rapport with these personnel in terms of your expectations can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Make sure you approach this check-up with a measured level of professionalism and decency while making no compromise in terms of what you consider key components of a masterfully executed AdWords campaign.

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