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How RevenueHits Can Help You Build Relationships that Will Enhance Your Site’s Content

How RevenueHits Can Help You Build Relationships that Will Enhance Your Site's Content

An old marketing adage that the content is an unchallenged ruler may sound like a truism today. It’s particularly true among the web owners who are aware that it would count for nothing if it was not for the audience as an equally important reigning queen. Establishing a rapport with your audience, therefore, means securing the second part of the equation on which your entire web monetization effort rests. Since this is best done by catering to your website’s content, the circle now becomes complete. Luckily for you, RevenueHits ad network has just what it takes to establish an equally enriching and lucrative relationship with your audience without the need to compromise on the content you offer. Stay with us for a few minutes to learn how RevenueHits will help you take your content generation and audience building efforts to a whole new level while generating healthy revenue in the process.

Focusing on Content without Monetization Pressure

Being an owner of a quality web property can be a demanding task, either from the standpoint of maintaining and producing stellar content, keeping healthy website statistics, and catering to the financial and technical aspects of the entire endeavor. Still, web assets such as blogs offered the owners a lot in terms of their monetization potential, provided that the owners/authors find a trusted partner that shares their long-term vision. RevenueHits offers a clear answer to this riddle in the form of a wide range of ad types it offers to serve on your website.

It does so in line with its task of acting as an agent between you and a myriad of advertisers, allowing you to reach as broad an audience as possible in the easiest feasible manner. In essence, it automates the ad placement process, while implementing features such as visitor tracking, targeting, and optimization of ad placement via Geo-targeted ad serving technology.

In addition to monetization and professionalization of your website, an equally important advantage of working with RevenueHits is the fact that you can free up your resources and utilize them for more creative work on the site’s content. This is how RevenueHits allows you to enhance the content you offer by creating conditions for it to flourish unburdened by the technical and financial drain on resources you would otherwise have to spend on managing a marketing campaign on your own. This is particularly important for the owners of sites who still look for stable sources of revenue, as the profits from ads will help them cope with website running costs and allow them to focus their time and energy on producing better content instead of managing their ad placement business on their own all the time.

Serving only Professional and Profitable Ads

Similarly, once your website starts showing some respectable ads, it will surely look more professional and business-minded, compared to the time in which it served as a visually barren platform for content. Having ads on your website serves to mark your web asset as a successful one, helping you draw an audience and generate traffic in return.

In addition to websites, you as a publisher can monetize toolbars, widgets and other assets, with an important edge: your asset will not receive ads that do not perform well, as RevenueHits uses advanced algorithms to research and examine the ways to place the ads with the goal of continually improving their performance. This means that your website will be free from clickbait ads that make it look cheaper and more intrusive. This will result in offering you an inventory comprised solely of high-performing ads that are relevant to your visitors, which helps with conversion rates and, consequently, revenue generation. Once the ads are in place and money starts rolling in, you can congratulate yourself on becoming a full-blown publisher who can now engage your audience on more confident and professional terms.

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Clean Advertising for Better Audience Engagement

Still, becoming a publisher that is content with the mere fact that ads are being shown on your website is a dead-end road, as you must always keep in mind that the shown ads correspond to the audience you address and want to develop. Engaging your audience in a quality manner means that you cannot serve them trash ads and expect not to draw their ire for it.

Thankfully, RevenueHits offers you the highest level of control over the ads posted on your websites. Since other competing networks offer little or no control in this segment, this means that you can have totally irrelevant or misplaced advertisements appearing next to what is offered as content on your website. This usually results in visitors perceiving your ads negatively in relation to their UX or leaving your site altogether.

RevenueHits has nipped this practice in the bud. For starters, advertisers that want to work with it must prove that their advertisements or websites affiliated with them are in no way related to the practices that are employed for the purpose of generating traffic. This means that RevenueHits upholds zero tolerance policy when it comes to redirecting, spoofing or trafficking related to adult or pornographic websites.

Also, by signing an agreement with RevenueHits, the advertisers are legally obliged to abstain from using advertisements for the websites that promote racial and ethnic hatred or any other objectionable materials. Advertisers attempting to push ads that promote illegal activities such as cybercrime, hacking, drug or weapon proliferation will find no ally in RevenueHits, as its clear advertising practices fully prohibit the promotion of such activities for any reason whatsoever.

Finally, RevenueHits prides itself on its stringent application of high-level standards when it comes to ensuring that the customers’ advertising campaigns are clean as a whistle. This is ensured by the strict demand that no advertiser may run advertisements on any publisher’s website without securing prior approval and consent by RevenueHits. Thus, ads provided by this ad network that appear on your website will never suffer from inaccurate placement, distribution of malicious codes, theft or leakage of data or infringement of your website’s general creative policy.


Modern technology has made it possible for web owners to establish relationships with their audience at unprecedented levels of interaction and cooperation. Tools like website traffic checkers or touch heatmaps help them get a better understanding of their audience. Planting the healthy seeds for those healthy relationships means that you need to prove your integrity as an author who creates content and monetizes it without compromising either of those two efforts. This need is fully recognized by RevenueHits as it wants to help you in both segments by providing you with ads that allow for their seamless integration with your website’s content. At the same time, its clean advertising policy helps you protect the health and perception of your brand, allowing you to establish an honest relationship with your audience from the outset.

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