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Get the Most Out of Topic Generators for Your Blog

Get the Most Out of Topic Generators for Your Blog header

Blogging can feel a bit like being a hamster in a wheel – you have to keep moving all the time as any stagnation is bound to propel you to an undesirable place. This is particularly evident when it comes to coming up with ideas for your next blog post. You have a nagging fear that the loss of inspiration will impact your content and, ultimately, sever the link you established with your audience. There’s no reason to worry, as it is virtually impossible to run out of topic ideas in today’s world, which is saturated with easily accessible information on any topic possible! Topic generator tools can and will help you with churning out relevant and attractive ideas for your blog posts. Read on to find out how they can reconnect you with your creative self on a rainy (or any other) day.

Don’t Panic

Neil Patel, the famous marketing guru, says that blogging sucks just for one reason: having to juggle various ideas you want to write about regularly. Sometimes, as most bloggers know, your inner muse will fail to answer your call. Or, you may feel ill with excessive coverage of a particular topic. Or, you may just feel lazy on a particular day which you usually use to refresh your content. Yet, the last thing you need here is panic. According to relevant research, 57% of writers claim that consistent generation of content is the hardest thing about their job. And, yes, it can happen to the best content creators out there. Aren’t you feeling relieved at knowing that this happens to every blogger on Earth on (almost) daily basis? Good, let’s look at the cure now!

Staying Novel and Relevant

One of the best things topic generator tools can do is keeping you in the loop with current events that are related to what you want to write about. Let’s say that you write posts about content marketing – it’s not exactly “daily politics” when it comes to keeping up to date with current news, but there is always a new angle or development you can cover. Your topics are actually hiding behind the headlines in publications or portals that deal with the industry you cover. But, skimming through Google News or all the websites you are subscribed to can be time-consuming, and you want to have them all in one place. We have a cure for that as well!

Fishing for Ideas with Alltop

Famous author and advisor Guy Kawasaki developed the AllTop tool. It works as a meta-search engine for any topic you want to research or follow. It provides you with a massive list of posts from the cream of the crop blogs dealing with the issues of your interest. You want to connect content marketing with fashion, religion or photography? Feel free to do it, and this tool will help you find the right inspiration in no time. A piece of advice: Looking at other people’s ideas is the best cure for the temporary lack of your own as you can easily reshape those or expand them with unique insights of yours!

The best way to use this tool (and similar ones) is to narrow down your selection of topics as much as possible. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed by what this post aggregator offers. If the five posts relevant to your subject are not enough, nothing stops you from going to a specific blog and having a look there. Do not forget to bookmark the new blogs you are likely to discover with this tool.

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AllTop helps you develop blog post ideas by giving you insight into what’s trending for any topic you want to cover

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Topic and Content Generators

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is another excellent tool for the generation of blog topics. Working with it is as simple as typing keywords in a search window. Upon entering them, you’ll get a list of what is relevant to the topic you want to write about. Do not be alarmed by the number of results you get, as this tool still relies on your skill to determine what is usable and what is not for your particular post. Since blog topics require picking up the very best title for them, this tool will help you with generating these as well.

Another tool, called Portent’s Content Idea Generator, promises to give you a helping hand in case you feel that you’ve hit the wall in the creative sense. As its title suggests, it wants to be useful for any content you are working on, not just your blog topics. Once you get a list of subjects, you can easily save the offered content or title ideas for future use in your PowerPoint presentation or any other type of content or work.

In addition to the above, you can check out these awesome tools as well.

Google Trends

Moving beyond dedicated content generation tools, did you know that you can use Google Trends, Twitter, and Quora can for the same purpose? The answer is affirmative, as these platforms are perfectly competent in helping you find ideas for your blog posts.

Google Trends has the “Related topics” option that helps you identify what’s popular at the moment, together with information resources that you can bookmark for future use. At the same time, the “Related queries” option offers insights into popular search queries on Google, which can be another source for topic ideas. Finally, Google Trends allows you to see if the topic you are looking for right now is trending up or down. This can be helpful in staying relevant to the item you want to cover.

Twitter and Quora

You can also use social networks to get quality post ideas. If you, for example, use Twitter, you can enter relevant keywords and hashtags on the topic of your choice and get a list of tweets relevant to it.

You can achieve similar results with Quora by simply entering a key phrase into it and finding out which questions are asked about a particular topic. After you get your search results, you can check “Questions,” “Trending” and “Top Stories” options to gather more insight into the topic you want to write about.


Topic generators are great tools which can help bloggers ensure the relevance and novelty of the content they create. Hitting the creative block is perfectly normal. The most efficient way to approach it is to use tools that give you insight into other people’s ideas as well as into current developments in the industry you write about. In addition to content ideas, these tools help bloggers design eye-catching post titles. Finally, platforms such as Google Trends, Twitter and Quora can be used as topic generator tools as well, thanks to the variety of helpful options they offer.

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