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How to Generate Traffic Without Surrendering to Google

by    |    Jun 6, 2019    |       3 min read

Every website is looking at how to generate traffic and increase its Google ranking. But what happens when you have a rocky relationship with Google? What happens if you can’t always meet Google’s standards? Your ranking takes a hit, and with it your traffic and revenue. If you lay all your eggs in the Google basket, and then get penalized or banned by Google, this could be a revenue killer.

But fear not! There are ways to bypass Google and still get tons of traffic flowing to your site. Unlike martial arts, don’t try using Google’s force against itself. It won’t work. The secret is finding other tools and platforms through which you can find new (and even better) visitors. Here are 3 platforms you should use:

1. Blogs, Forums, and Communities

Here are three actions you can take that could boost your traffic:

  • Cooperate with blogs: Find blogs that are popular with your target audience, and cooperate with them. Be a guest writer on their blog and introduce your website, or get reviewed by a blogger. It’s a sure way to improve your website’s credibility and generate traffic.
  • Comment on blogs and forums: Find blogs, forums or communities that are relevant to your niche and leave a comment. Make sure you add something useful to the conversation, instead of being too pushy with your website. Use your real name instead of your business or your brand name, to appear more approachable.
  • Create a Community: There’s no reason why you shouldn’t lead the conversation. Talk about the most relevant issues in your niche. Make sure to provide some answers, and find other ‘experts’ to help find solutions for other issues. Creating a community creates an instant credibility boost, and generates a trusting following.
2. Social Media

Social media is also one of the most effective ways of spreading the word around. You can write killer content on your blog, but if you don’t share it on social media there’s a good chance nobody will see it, and you won’t generate traffic. This begs the philosophical question: If a blog post is written and nobody reads it, does it exist? Probably, but it’s not doing anything useful.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networks you should use. Create a Facebook page for your business and start posting relevant and useful information. Again, it’s important not to be too pushy. People go to social media especially to hear the wisdom of crowds or to keep up-to-date with whatever everyone is talking about, not to buy products. They will not have a positive reaction to you if they think you are just advertising yourself. Combine educational (but not didactic) content, with fun and relevant content. For instance, if you own a music content site, be on social media when Taylor Swift releases her album or Snoop Dogg has a controversial video. If you have a movie content site post a poll before the Oscars asking people to predict the winners.

Get in the middle of what’s buzzing, post and share as much content on the most trending topics, but avoid sharing your own opinion, so not to offend anyone. Haters gonna hate, but you don’t have to be one of them. Post information on social media that you think your audience will find interesting or useful, create relevant discussions, post polls or ask questions. Remember – your goal is to engage your audience as much as you can, they will reward you by visiting your website. When you use Twitter, use hashtags that are relevant and popular in your niche. It’s a great way of picking up followers. But don’t use too many, it’s not effective, and it doesn’t look good.

Also, you can share the same content multiple times. There are ways to do it right. If you think a post you wrote a year ago is really relevant to what’s going on now, post it again. Just change your introduction or hashtags and the date of your post. Wait some time before sharing the same content twice, not to appear like you’re repeating yourself. Basically, the more active you are on social media, the more exposure you get. There are many social media tricks you can use to increase your traffic.

3. Alternative Search Engines

I know Google is great, but it’s time to see other people, time to move on. Don’t you worry, there is plenty of enough fish in the search engine sea. I’m sure you will find someone new in no time. On a global scale, Google is the leading search engine, but when you break the statistics down per GEO, the picture becomes more interesting.

You know that Google is banned in China, right? Baidu is the leading search engine there, and is a 2nd most popular search engine. Do you think China is a big enough market for you?

There are more:

In South Korea, for example, Naver holds more than 50% of the search market share, and Yahoo Japan has a 35% of all Japanese searches. Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia and In the United States, Bing holds around 20% of all online searches, those are big numbers. Promote yourself on those alternative search engines, rise in their rankings. This will open you up to A LOT of new visitors, and that’s a good way to generate traffic. Don’t expect Google to get jealous and come crawling back, but who needs them, am I right?


It’s better not to focus all your marketing efforts on Google, as it could backfire if your relationship with them goes sour, for whatever reason. If you want to generate traffic, try different platforms, and see what works for you. A new (and maybe untapped) traffic source might be hiding on the web just waiting to hear about your product.

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