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Five Life-Changing SEO Tips For Publishers

by    |    Jun 25, 2020    |       7 min read

The chances are that you have already heard of Search Engines Optimization (SEO). However, many publishers forget how essential it is to have a winning SEO strategy. Planning exceptionally well what you want to rank for and how you are going to achieve it is simply a must.

Neglect SEO and you will surely fail to obtain the success you are looking for. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or the amount of content you produce: if no one finds it, it doesn’t exist. But don’t worry: with these ideas you will have an edge on 99 % of people.

Why is SEO so important for any website owner?

The first thing is to clarify that SEO is what allows you to compete for a niche on the Internet.

Every day an insane amount of content is published, including yours. Your drop in the ocean can go unnoticed unless you know how to tell Search Engines why it is relevant.

With a clear SEO strategy, you will be able to give visibility to your website. But not only that: you will attract the right audience, which will generate better results in the medium and long term. The big question is, how do I get THERE? Start with these tips!

Five life-changing SEO tips that you don’t want to miss out:

It is essential to understand that there is no SEO University that certifies one way or another of working. The only thing we can do is to explore the algorithm of Search Engines like Google and try to optimize the content we produce so that users find us.

Based on that idea, some strategies work and generate excellent results. It is not a magic formula that will not require effort and will create thousands of visits tomorrow (pro tip: that doesn’t exist). But we promise you that should you apply the following ideas from one to three months, you will notice the difference.

1. Content is king

The notion of content is king remains as relevant as ever. Before we start talking about keywords, backlinks, or fancy content structure, notice this: if your content is not valid, it doesn’t matter how awesome your SEO is. It will not rank as much.

Thus, SEO must always be built on the idea of ​​adding value to the visitor. Do not try to fool him: simply provide him what he is looking for and use SEO to make it easier to find you.

Content is the vehicle that will allow you to work on keywords. So, if you have a blog, write about relevant topics for the user. If you have an online store, optimize the products so that what you sell is understood. Whatever you do, always think of the user first, not your interests. If you make quality content for it and optimize it with SEO, success will follow.

Lately, people are still manipulating search engines instead of working on the keywords and content which is, as we said, the key to all.

2. Bet on a plugin as a template

SEO experts can ignore this and rely on their knowledge. However, if you are looking for five life-changing SEO tips for any website owner, the chances are that you could use some help.

Therefore, we recommend that you use free plugins that exist on practically any platform (WordPress, Shopify, etc.). Thanks to them, you will have a checklist of SEO tasks to complete for each content, which ensures that everything is well worked.

You don’t need to spend money. You can start with SEO plugins as good as Yoast, Rank Math SEO or All in one SEO. Whatever you do, always work with a guide made by professionals: it cost you nothing, but it will boost your SEO the most.

3. Invest in a quality keyword study

A good SEO strategy starts with understanding very well what are the keywords that you are interested in ranking. That means answering these questions: what is it that the user should type on Google when they find you?

It is not easy to do a keyword study, but there are simple ways to complete it. You could use free web tools such as AnswerThePublic, where you enter a term and get plenty of search ideas to write about. If you still don’t have a clear idea, ask an SEO Pro to help you. The price of a personalized keyword report is about $30, and it is an excellent investment.

In any case, never start doing SEO on your site without choosing first what keywords you want to rank. There’s no point in creating quality content if you don’t know what your niche and keywords are.

Once you have them, work them little by little, creating wholesome content on your page that is relevant and positions you.

4. Get an SEO education

Although there is no SEO University, that does not mean that you cannot bet on training. There are thousands of free courses on the Internet that will allow you to have some essential notions of SEO.

Specifically, you may search for free SEO courses on Google or YouTube. If you want to invest a little more, sites like Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, or practically any other you can think of, will certainly have a lot of options.

Remember that SEO is a living thing. These five life-changing SEO tips for any website owner are timeless, but the algorithms change quickly. You need to be up to date and never stop learning.

5. Don’t cheat! White Hat SEO only

Some people believe that buying backlinks, using strange techniques such as posting in a thousand forums or purchasing abandoned domains are the way to go when it comes to SEO. Those traps are called Black Hat SEO, and they can turn out to be very expensive.

If you apply the ideas that we propose, you will not need to get beyond White Hat SEO, which is legit and will make you grow in the long term and achieve lasting results as well.

Should you cheat and use shady SEO strategies, Search Engines could penalize you. You would lose your project ranking and disappear from the Internet overnight. Beware, and don’t cut corners! It will not work. At all.

We know that working with SEO is something that takes time, requires work and effort. However, it is crucial to understand that it can bring a lot of traffic to your site. If you work for a few months, you will generate more and more ideal visitors, which will translate into a better business.

Having a clear strategy, working keywords properly, creating quality content, not cheating, and learning are the most relevant formulas of our five life-changing SEO tips for any website owner. If you spend a little time taking care of your project’s SEO and apply these notions regularly, results will follow.

Go for it!

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