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Don’t Just Sit There! Add Display Banners to Your Website

Don't Just Sit There! Add Display Banners to Your Website header

Today’s focus on user experience as the sum of a visitor’s interaction with a website has made marketers/publishers face an important issue: how to fit ads into all of this. This question arose in relation to the growing awareness that the quality of ads does play a role in how users perceive a website. In many cases, this refers to displaying banner ads, which are often considered the most visible representatives of its kind in online advertising. They haven’t achieved this status by chance, and you should consider adding them to your website if you want effective advertising that is visitor-focused and unobtrusive in its approach.

Great Visibility, Flexible Placement

The reason for the omnipresence of banner ads lies in the simplicity of their installation and use they offer compared to competing formats. There is almost no webpage that does not feature a banner image that is designed to catch the users’ eyes, hearts, and minds. Knowing the supremacy of visuals over written words, it’s a no-brainer for publishers to go after creative and context-minded banner ads that will not impede their visitors’ UX. Another advantage is that you can set them up literally in seconds, without the prerequisite of holding a degree in programming, HTML coding or even digital marketing. These ads just require you to point to the banner location and provide the destination URL to get the job done.

At the same time, banner ads profit from their easy visibility and flexible placement, as opposed to other ad types that scream in your visitor’s face from the center of the screen or obstruct access to the content. Opting for these ads gives you a degree of flexibility when deciding where to put them to ensure the balance between optimal visibility and avoided distraction for the viewers. As a rule of thumb, the most efficient banners in terms of CTR performance take the form of 160×600 wide skyscraper, 336×280 large rectangle, and 300×250 medium rectangle-shaped banners. When it comes to placement, the final decision rests with you, but you’ll want to know that going after above the fold banner placement has been proven to offer the best conversion rates.

You can also leave these considerations in the hands of professionals. RevenueHits currently serves more than 20000 publishers that demand both diversity and excellent performance for all ad types, including banner ads. These ads are readily available and optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms. In addition to this, RevenueHits uses technology that makes it possible to scan and review the performance of millions of these ads online.

click ratesCertain banner formats generate higher CTRs from the outset
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Brand Building Tool

Banner ads are not a uniform ad type as they come in two basic flavors: static and animated ones. Picking the right type will depend on the priorities you set in building your brand’s visual identity. Static banner ads, for example, are thought to be more effective compared to their animated counterparts as they are excellent platforms for featuring recognizable logos that can burn themselves into the visitor’s consciousness in form of memorable images. This can be particularly useful when building a visual identity for new businesses or startups.

Even if your business is not focused on e-commerce or sales, this can be utilized to a great degree. Think of banner ads as visual memes that haunt the visitors’ mind for a prolonged period of time, even if they do not interact with them on your website. In this manner, your audience will build something resembling a subconscious level of awareness to your brand, even in situations where they are not directly looking at these ads.

This does not mean that animated banners are without their advantages, as they easily overcome the limitations of static banners when it comes to delivering the advertiser’s message. If your current digital marketing goals are focused on the visual promotion of your products, services or brands, using animated banners gives you enough leeway to go wild with experimenting with other rich media that you can add to them. These come in the form of slideshows, animations, and media streams. Going after visual branding in this manner means that you’ll have to include SEO considerations in your planning, as having too many performance-hindering ads can impair your ranking and hurt your visitors’ UX.

RevenueHits recognizes this by focusing on ad placement optimization that ties in directly with your overall SEO strategy. Its contextual ads focus on the successful delivery of the message that they were originally designed to convey. Thanks to its focus on delivering only stellar UX, RevenueHits ensures a healthy ranking and SEO performance for the website you want to monetize.

Easier Audience Targeting and Budgeting

Speaking of monetization, display banners are also wallet-friendly, which is an important consideration if you are taking the first steps in the digital marketing world. Consider, for example, the fact that you can have access to both static and animated banner ads. Dynamic ads can be rather expensive as their content is sometimes personalized and changeable. If you find that they are draining your budget, you can easily switch to static banners to balance out the presence of both ad types on your site at no additional expense. At the same time, you can easily find a flexible pricing model for yourself, based on either the number of visitors that click on banner ads or on the fixed fee for the instances in which users take specific an action, such as purchasing a product or participating in a survey.

Finally, banner ads go hand in hand with user targeting, meaning that you can show them to the audience you consider most suitable. Gathering analytical data about your visitors means that you can easily decode their interests or demographic features, making it easier to choose which banners to show. At the same time, you’ll need to get in touch with a business partner that can offer you ads that are best tailored both to your visitors’ profiles and your website’s visual identity.

RevenueHits can be a suitable partner, as it focuses on the exclusive serving of ads which protect your credibility, brand and reputation. This is done through the utilization of geotargeted ad serving technology which ensures that all displayed ads fit perfectly with both the content and the context promoted on your web asset.


The global digital advertising boom has been good to publishers and advertisers. However, picking the perfect ad type for your website among the many on offer often means taking a longer or shorter route to its successful monetization. Banner ads make this task a bit easier by being one of the more well-established and reliable ad formats around and allow for flexible and unobtrusive placement, easy setup and faster integration with a website’s visual identity. In addition to this, they can be a helpful format for publishers who focus on targeting their audience with contextual ads in an effort to provide them with the most satisfactory UX.

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