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Cutting Down the Middlemen and Working Directly with RevenueHits

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Grooming your website for monetization resembles preparing from the hero’s journey as described in various mythologies across the globe. Sooner or later, you will feel ready to take the famed next step into the unknown, with the urge to look for partners who can make this process easier and more manageable. Soon after, you’ll be surrounded by various middlemen and mediators who promise you gold and riches. In no time, you will feel overburdened by their numbers and the need to sift through all of them to find just the right partner for the coming journey. Stop right there if you happen to have this feeling and read on to find out how RevenueHits can help your monetization endeavor by acting as a one-stop advertising shop that features no annoying middlemen.

Keep the Middlemen at Bay

The main reason for taking shortcuts in dealing with the digital advertising industry is the fact that it operates according to the iron principles that have ruled all markets since the dawn of time. The fewer middlemen exist between you and your rightfully earned profits, the more of this cake you get to keep (and eat) for yourself. In case of publishers looking to monetize their web asset through ad placement, these middlemen can take the form of agencies engaged in the process of arbitraging inventory. This involves having them buy the ad space from you and sell it to advertisers while living off the margin consisting of the difference between the purchased and sold inventory. In this manner, your access to the profitable advertising cake is obstructed, with the knowledge that, for many publishers, this model remains preferable to avoiding website monetization altogether.

Enter RevenueHits

But there is another way to have your cake and eat it, too. RevenueHits is a self-service ad network for publishers that offers a comprehensive solution for your monetization needs. It allows you to monetize your web property by placing ads on your site via Geotargeted ad serving technology. In addition to websites, you, as a publisher, are free to monetize toolbars, widgets and other assets, with an important edge: It uses ad serving technology based on scanning ads and analyzing their performance. This approach to ad placement will be informed by data-driven conclusions about the best performing ones, helping you increase your earnings along the way. In essence, your website will not show ads that do not perform well, as these ads will be placed based on the focus on continual improvement of their performance. This is related both to conversion rates and earnings, which you do not have to share with mediators anymore!

Fewer Intermediaries, More Profit

In the past, both ad networks and publishers have rightfully blamed intermediaries such as agencies for their monetization problems. The reason for this was the fact that the loyalty of these middlemen lies primarily with their clients, not with publishers. Lack of basic knowledge about advertising ecosystems is one of the main reasons you may see your revenues drop, as you could be easily convinced that middlemen are the only way in which you can achieve your monetization goals. In reality, you will only allow yourself to be robbed of the portion of income that you pay to those who want to forcibly insert themselves into the advertising chain.

Thankfully, ad networks such as RevenueHits dedicate themselves to working for the benefit of the publisher in the first place. Thus, if you are one among them, the only logical step to increase your earnings from ads is to sidestep any intermediary and work directly with RevenueHits. With its focus on working with publishers, it’s no wonder that more than 20,000 of them picked it as their partner of choice in implementing their monetization strategies.

So, there should be no confusion in understanding that the removal of intermediaries in the advertising business means working with fewer parties which may want to have your slice of cake for themselves. In case of RevenueHits, your website will be immediately approved, and you will be assigned a personal account manager who will guide you through the onboarding process and the subsequent ad performance monitoring via its intuitively designed dashboard. In this manner, RevenueHits pledges to tie up its advertising business with your long-term monetization goals. By filtering out the excess parties in this process, you get to keep your advertising dollar for yourself in addition to acquiring a professional and experienced business partner for long-term collaboration.

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Quickest Access to Most Suitable Ads

In addition to being given access to its vast inventory of targeting-friendly ad types, working with RevenueHits means that you do not have to court advertisers in an attempt to secure marketing deals yourself. In case of the latter, you would be the only party responsible for knocking on their doors, which can be a drain on your time and resources, particularly if your website is still relatively new. At the same time, advertisers often use agencies that take no notice of your website, no matter how good it is, thus robbing you of any potential revenues from ads.

There is no reason for concern, as you have a better option offered by shunning advertisers and agencies in the first place and letting RevenueHits take care of the business of reaching advertisers and acquiring the most suitable ads for your website. In this manner, it will free up the much-needed resources that you can redirect to improving your website’s SEO or polishing the content you offer. Thus, instead of managing the ad placement business on your own all the time or dealing with various marketing intermediaries, you can spend the time you would otherwise allocate for this on more engaging and satisfying work on your website itself. In this manner, RevenueHits allows your site to flourish in the creative sense and earn your money at the same time, with no need for external intermediaries.


The successful monetization of your web asset means making your approach to this business as lean as possible. Here, “lean” means that you need to cut out the middleman, such as ad agencies, which often do not have your benefit on their minds. Instead, you should go for working with ad networks such as RevenueHits, which allow you to keep your profits from ads for yourself. At the same time, RevenueHits will make it possible for you to reach just the right advertisers in line with your website’s general orientation, without having to waste your time and resources on knocking on their doors. In this fashion, you can both keep a larger piece of the market cake for yourself, as well as acquire a business partner that can be an invaluable asset in the monetization of your website.

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