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Blog Monetization Alternatives: The Ultimate List

by    |    Jun 24, 2016    |       4 min read

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Blog monetization is a multi-pronged path with numerous signposts having “success” written on them. At the same time, you are bombarded with various success stories in which bloggers swear by their monetization method as the next best thing in the blogging community.

All of these can lead to fatigue in considering all the solutions and options on offer. However, we offer to help you with an ultimate list of blog monetization alternatives, which are described to ease your selection of the best one for your needs. Just remember that while your mileage may vary, setting out on a blog monetization journey is best done with having a clear outlook on where you want to go.

1) Ad Networks Allow for Fast Monetization

One of the first alternatives to consider for blog monetization is something which comes up as the best known approach to it, even amongst the laymen and non-bloggers: placing ads on your blog. These will allow you to become a publisher in addition to a blogger, and your best allies on this path are ad networks.

Working with ad networks allows you to fill your pockets, so you can either live off of your blog or use its generated profit as a side income to make your website pays for itself. Usually, this is a more affordable option compared to looking for advertisers yourself and starting a long-term negotiation process that can put a lot of demand on your time and financial resources. At the same time, you can plan for monetizing your ad space on a per-user basis, since ad networks allow for using large portions of ad inventory. However, not every ad network is right for you, since they can offer you ads which are not compatible with the content you put on your blog. This can hurt both your reputation and income, which is why you need to show wisdom in picking out your partners for this endeavor.

RevenueHits ad network, for example, wants to make your monetization efforts equally beneficial for you, your audience and advertisers. It functions as a self-service platform for publishers that focuses on helping you monetize your blog and extract the highest value from every inch of your available advertising space. At the moment, it serves more than two billion ad impressions daily across all GEOs, together with more than 20000 publishers that prefer to have a guaranteed 100% fill rate and all-around optimizations for web and mobile platforms alike.

Digital ad spendingDigital advertising is one of the most viable monetization options for blogs
Source: eMarketer

2) Use Your Affiliate Partners

Offering quality content on your blog is the best way to monetize it without a hitch. Just as you attract an audience to your blog with it, you are bound to draw the attention of companies that want to see their products offered next to your content. Affiliate marketing partnerships allow you to attract users to your content and earn money whenever they interact with your partners’ products or services which are promoted on your blog. You’ll receive compensation or commission for any sale made by your partners with the help of your blog.

Take the example of the Wirecutter blog, which provides reviews and tests of gadgets and electronic devices. Instead of relying on pure advertising or subscription models, Wirecutter gets its cut of the profitable pie via its hyperlinks. They are getting paid whenever a link is clicked on or a purchase made from their partners which, among others, include Amazon! Check out the following affiliate programs if you want to try this monetization model for yourself.

3) Going Independent with Advertising

If you prefer working independently, you’ll have to look for advertisers on your own and try to cut out deals with companies and brands that are willing to put ads on your blog.

A pro tip: you’ll have to stay vigilant and be on the constant lookout for potential partners for this type of arrangements. Cold contacting will have to become your daily activity, while you should also prepare for delegating this task to your associates if you feel overwhelmed by it. You should pay attention to the number of ads you put on your blog, as having too many of them can hurt your SEO performance and ruin your visitor’s experience of interacting with your content.

4) Sponsored Content and Paid Reviews

Regular addition of paid reviews or sponsored content to your regular posts can be another monetization option. In this case, your credibility is what allows you to inform your readership about your experience with a particular product or service that your sponsor offers. You’ll have to consider some ethical aspects of providing this type of content alongside your regular posts. Honing your chops with native advertising can help in this regard, or you can place clear borders between sponsored and unpaid content on your site. Finding balance in the amount of content you deliver will depend on your financial needs and offers you get, but you should always consider the potential impact of sponsored content on your audience and listen to their feedback.

5) Offer Consultancy and Freelance Services

Finally, you can monetize your blog by making it serve as a platform for making money with the help of your own skills, which go beyond running a blog (obviously). If you need additional income, you can easily offer freelance services, which can include financial and legal advising, translation, ghostwriting or whatever you consider your strong point. The key to succeeding with this lies not only in having an awesome blog (which you already do) but in convincing your audience that you are an authentic professional that provides the services they require.

In addition to freelance services, having a blog allows you to monetize it as a platform where you can. A platform to be on for this purpose is, together with its which you can check out as well. Finally, if you feel courageous enough, you can use your blog as a launch pad for the career of coach or consultant in whichever field you find yourself most comfortable with.

In addition to freelance services, having a blog allows you to monetize it as a platform where you can organize webinars. A good platform that serves this purpose is GoToWebinar, together with its alternatives, which you can check out as well. Finally, if you feel courageous enough, you can use your blog as a launch pad for the career of coach or consultant in whichever field you find yourself most comfortable.


Blog monetization encompasses diverse alternatives, whose choice will largely depend on how fast you want to fill your pockets and how much of your resources you are willing to invest. Ad networks, affiliate programs, sponsored content and provision of consultancy or freelance services – all of these can be viable options for you, making it necessary to learn as much as possible about them in advance and be prepared for testing them out extensively in the field.

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