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Beat the Ad-Block! How to Defeat the ‘Silent Killer’ of Your Revenue

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If ads are the main source of income for your websites or blog, chances are you are facing a loss of revenue due to Ad-Block use, even if you’re not aware of it.

The Ad-Blocking trend is alive and kicking; it’s growing with no sign of waning. The numbers speak for themselves. Ad-Blocking is the ‘silent killer’ of revenue in the online advertising world. It blocks ads from getting to their potential audiences, without you even realizing it.

The numbers are staggering pasted-image-1 (1)

According to estimates, In 2016 ad blocking usage has increased by more than 69% and cost publishers nearly $41 billion in terms of lost revenue.

Experts anticipate that by 2018, 50% of all users will have Ad-Block installed on their devices. And there’s no escaping it, as rise in Ad-Block use is not limited to one or two regions, it’s a global issue.

For example, in the United States, adblock usage grew 48% during the past year, while in Europe it grew by 35%. These are pretty big numbers, and practically every market shows rising Ad-Block use.

The Battle Rages On

The fight to curb the power of ad-blocking has been waged on all levels – overt, covert, legal and political.

The growing phenomenon of ad-blocking has caused leading companies like Google and Facebook, and even government officials, to join the battle against it.

Tech leaders have decried the use of ad-block as undermining the ‘unwritten contract’ between content providers and consumers who are enjoying content for free. There used to be an understanding that free content came at the cost of being exposed to advertisements.

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Some companies accept the state of things and opt for the ‘wait and hope for the best’ approach. This path is problematic, as it only perpetuates their losing situation and surrenders to the agenda of the ad-block providers.

Different players in the industry try various methods to fight the Ad-Blocking phenomenon, most of them proving to be less effective than the technological approach.

The best way for publishers to fight back, is using sophisticated cyber security technologies that are immune to existing ad-blocking techniques to remain ahead of the curve.

One of the most efficient and popular solutions available on the market is the implementation of Anti-Ad-Block software.

This solution requires publishers to simply integrate an anti Ad-Blocking code on their site.

The code detects and bypasses adblocking software and displays the ad that was supposed to be blocked.

This very simple solution acts as a ‘Silent Recoverer’ of all the lost traffic and revenue you experienced due to ad-blocking. According to recent studies, publishers who installed anti-Ad-Block code immediately regained 15%-30% of their traffic.

Data provided by PageFair shows that Ad-Block users are actually cured of their ad blindness. Because they’re not constantly bombarded by ads, adblock users are more attentive to them, and the result is a higher conversion rate. According to another analysis, the demand of users for free content overcomes their dislike of ads, and as long as the ads are not too intrusive or overbearing, they will stay engaged.


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