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Apply These Content Marketing Examples to Generate More Quality Traffic

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Are you among the bloggers who say that can never have too much of traffic? That’s understandable, seeing as traffic acts like the fuel that runs your blog’s engine and makes its cogs spin smoother. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to go above average with traffic rates, as the whole industry is slowly becoming saturated. Content marketing emerges as a long-term cure to whatever may bother you when it comes to drawing quality traffic to your blog all the time. Pay attention to the adjective “quality” in the previous sentence, as the following post will give you content marketing examples to use smartly in order to draw both quality and meaningful traffic to your website.

Riding on the Content Marketing Wave

For starters, know that the use of content marketing is generally on the rise, with businesses setting aside no less than $200 billion at the moment. However, before you run to your content marketing manual in an effort to make your content in line with this growing industry, take note of this tip: do not waste time and resources before you make your content more appealing and outstanding with the help of the following tricks.

Learn what They Want from Your Content

This one is a no-brainer, as your content marketing efforts will directly rely on what you know (or you think to know) about your audience. Imagine that you have written a stellar article on any topic of your interest. Should this be more in favor of your own, or your audience’s interest, really? Ideally, these should be made to go hand in hand, but for better success with content marketing you’ll be much better off going after your audience’s heart first.

  • This means creating an atmosphere of a two-way interaction from the start. Seeds of the content that your audience will find appealing hide in the comments section below your content. Make sure you check them regularly and create content based on them!
  • In addition to going through the comments section, there is nothing wrong in bluntly asking your audience what they want to read about. Make sure you check their pulse regularly and adjust your content strategy accordingly.
  • Use keyword research. If executed correctly, you’ll be able to optimize your blog for the most suitable keywords for the niche or industry in which you find yourself.
  • Google Trends is your friend. Enter your keyword to find out the number of relevant searches for it in a specified period. The trend graph will also show you the popularity of particular keywords. You can start planning content delivery based on these trends.

By getting to know your audience better, you’ll know how to respond to their needs in the best possible manner via your content, which is a shortcut to both SEO and content marketing success. Check out this video to learn more about a pool company which used content marketing to save and skyrocket their business!

Content marketing ROI

Content marketing offers excellent ROI
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Targets Segmented and Acquired, Sir

Now that you got the chance to (once again) meet your audience, you can start segmenting and targeting them with specialized content based on their profiles! Email segmentation is of great help here, as you do not want to bombard all of your subscribers with the same type of content. Instead, you should freely separate those who just want to receive a newsletter, from those looking for information about content updates on your site. If you aim to strengthen the awareness of your blog/brand among newly acquired users, you’d target them with awareness-oriented posts, which are different from those used to maintain the pool of your faithful buyers or readers.

If you are selling something on your blog, you can help your segmentation effort by categorizing your audience into various buyer personas. Email autoresponders can also assist if you are dealing with a larger audience that needs to be broken down into relevant categories. Let’s look at this example: Indian company Visual Website Optimizer used audience segmentation to target just the users from India with a job-related banner ad that sent them to the relevant content page. The resulting increase in CTR was 149 percent!

Unique Visuals Help Both Content and Traffic

An image speaks louder than 100 words, while a quality one will surely substitute a day’s worth of speech! Creating quality content is fine, but bear in mind that your audience will dwindle in numbers if you expose them to walls of text, no matter how good they are. Introducing quality images to your posts is an excellent way of getting more quality traffic, as it primarily improves the shareability and virality potential of your content.

But, you can hardly add a random image to your post and think that you’ve done all you can in securing your audience’s satisfaction. That’s not enough today, and your added visual elements will have to stand out from the faceless competition! Consider using diagrams or infographics. Or even create some, based on the data you happen to be researching. You can easily hire part-time graphic designers if you do not feel up to the task. The investment will surely pay off.

Or, check what Cisco did with their approach to the content dedicated to their smart security tech. They designed a graphic novel in the promotion of its content! This full-blown comic narrated the story of SuperSmart, a heroine who fights a nasty security breach. Points for originality to Cisco, and a lesson in creativity for other professionals working with content marketing.

No More Generic Landing Pages

Traffic can also profit from creating targeted landing pages. You will want to base them on groups of users who fall under specific categories. The content you offer can come with specially designed landing pages, optimized for particular keywords. By creating several landing pages instead of a generic catch-all type, you can easily connect these pages with equally specific content which built around them.

Take, for example, what Nuffield Health website did with the use of special landing pages. They managed to generate 60% more revenues with the approach that revolved around optimization of targeted landing pages based on specific keywords!


Content marketing can improve your traffic, but you should pay more attention to its quality as opposed to focusing on dry traffic rate figures. Avoiding crucial content mistakes is crucial. You are not building an army here, but rather a select and quality audience that will know how to appreciate and interact with your content in the best possible manner. The methods to achieve this include meeting and segmenting your audience to serve them only the best-targeted content. Combine this with smart design of targeted landing pages and focus on original visuals to accompany your content, and your blog will soon transform into a content marketing and traffic powerhouse.

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