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All about RevenueHits’ Payment Terms

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Ad networks are the publisher’s best partners in their effort to monetize their web assets. However, picking the best one among them means going to great lengths to separate true professionals from silver-tongued pretenders. One often neglected aspect of ad network assessment involves checking their capability to give you a clean bill of health when it comes to their payment practices. This consideration is often low on the publisher’s priority list, despite the fact that it can ultimately mean establishing a stress-free and efficient collaboration instead of a financial living nightmare.

The RevenueHits ad network can make your search for a reliable partner short, as its payment terms are based on transparency and focus on meeting all of the publishers’ demands. Read on to learn more about how you can entrust your entire advertising endeavor to genuine professionals, with excellent returns on every cent you invest into it.

No Compromise on Transparency

If you are into monetizing your website using ads, partnering with an ad network means taking into account all the facets of your collaboration. One of the stress tests for any arrangement of this type is the matter of payment, which is often the cause of headaches for publishers looking for transparent dealings in this regard. According to one research, 69% of polled publishers say that they are ready to leave an ad network on the grounds of payment issues. The most common problems they face involve late payments, unpaid earned funds or repeated situations in which it is necessary to ask for external arbitration to resolve issues between the parties.

All of these reasons point to the need to look for an ad network whose payment terms and practices are something they are willing to guarantee for with their money and reputation. RevenueHits is well aware of this and it offers flexible pricing models as well as equally verifiable degrees of their transparency. It can easily demonstrate to you its clear bid pricing policies for each ad campaign, together with its unwavering commitment to timely and fair payments and regular reporting on their status changes. Let’s look into these payment terms in more detail.

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Easy Setup, Easy Profits

For starters, you are right to ask how much it will cost you to use the Revenuehits platform. The answer is: nothing at all! Sign-up proceedings are free, and you can start earning your advertising dollar immediately afterward. In addition to this, you will not have to mess with any lengthy approval process, as your account will be approved instantly. Once your registration is complete, you can move forward with your monetization campaign.

To that purpose, RevenueHits promises you 100% fill rate on all GEOs, together with more than 2 billion impressions served on a daily basis. In addition to this, this ad network gives you access to a large number of its in-house advertisers that generate higher eCPMs without the need for payment of any commission!

Timely and Regular Payment

Getting paid with RevenueHits is made as easy as possible for any publisher. RevenueHits actually wants you to focus on your regular tasks, instead of fretting over billing advertisers or networks. It takes care of this on your behalf, so that you can redirect your energies on working on content improvement or SEO.

So, how does RevenueHits actually enforce its payment policy? First of all, you will be paid in net 30 terms. Earnings per month are your revenues for the current period. The accumulated value described as ‘Balance’ will be paid in the following month. For example, your earnings from January will be paid no later than the end of February. Once your balance reaches the minimum prescribed amount, the payment will be automatically effected. In order to avoid confusion, your current balance is defined as all unpaid earnings of the current & previous periods.

Your revenues will be calculated on a daily basis and made available until 12 pm CST on most occasions. Despite the daily updating of revenues, the funds still undergo obligatory auditing at the end of the month before they become operative.

Since RevenueHits wants its brand to be synonymous with transparency, all payments are made according to the records featured in the publisher’s dashboard. As the statistical data need to be gathered from various advertisers, they are usually fully processed with 48 hours, with no further delays.

You Set the Payment Terms

In addition to this, the network gives you access to various payment/withdrawal options you can use as you prefer. These include PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer. The only thing you should worry about is providing accurate payment information in any situation. They can be submitted easily under “Billing” information in the Account Info section. You can take care of this during your account setup or once you are logged in with the system.

Changing or setting your preferred payment method is equally intuitive. Any publisher is allowed to determine, switch and modify their available payment method at any time. Just bear in mind that any change to the payment model that takes place after the 15th day of any month will be processed during the following month.

In case your payment or account information is modified after payment is effected, there’s still no reason to worry, as RevenueHits pledges to do its business based on a timely payment policy. You will just have to update your account and payment information on In addition, you can easily get in touch with RevenueHits services ( and explain the issue you have.

No Ambiguities Allowed

Additional details regarding payment are presented in equally unambiguous and transparent terms. If your earnings reach a certain amount, RevenueHits will pay you whatever is shown in your dashboard, while absorbing its own bank fees. You should note that the bank with which you have your personal account may charge you some payment processing fees for which RevenueHits has no responsibility.

A similar thing can be said of RevenueHits’ approach to taxes. In essence, this company bears no responsibility to paying for these liabilities on behalf of any publisher. Once you become part of its vast advertising network, you are the sole liable party for your taxes, and you accept to indemnify and hold harmless from any claims regarding the payment of taxes.


Among the most prominent issues that publishers face in their dealings with ad networks are those related to payment. Delayed payments, unpaid earnings and the hiring of third-party arbiters are the issues that most publishers dread for rightful reasons. Thankfully, RevenueHits understands that any collaboration with publishers looking to monetize their website needs to be founded on clear and transparent payment policy terms. By sticking to the highest standard in this regard, it is easy to see why more than 20,000 publishers choose their services as the main source of earnings for their websites.

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