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You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips about Button Ads You Need to Know

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Why Button Ads Are Good For You

Owning a quality website means balancing between the demands of content generation, monetization, and technicalities. All of these elements play their parts in securing an efficient financial model that, with its focus on advertising, should not harm what is described as the user experience an audience has when they consume the website’s content.

There are many different ad types out there – some better than others. Button ads promise to get the job done on all counts, as their size, flexibility of placement and unobtrusiveness make them a desirable choice for any publisher. Still not convinced? Go through this post to learn how button ads can easily become an advertisement of choice for you.

Don’t Judge Them by Their Size

We better start from the beginning and make sure you understand what button ads are (and are not). Button ads should not be confused with banner ads which are much larger advertising units. The average size for the button ad type usually come with standard 120 by 90 pixels. At the same time, their size may vary, with smaller and larger variants, such as those which are 125 pixels high and 125 wide, or, another popular option – 158 x 21 pixels. Other available sizes vary between 120×90, 120×60 and 125×125, with 88×31 described as ”micro-button” ad for publishers who know that ad sizing isn’t everything in when it comes to an ad’s performance.

Instead of size, you can also consider the placement of the button ad, which is another distinguishing feature that separates these ads from banners. In many cases, you’ll find them placed on the periphery of a web page, as opposed to banner ads which you can usually see across the bottom or at the top of the page, for better visibility. Button ads offer a considerable degree of flexibility regarding their size, so there is a general preference for placing them in the middle of the page or on its right or left side. What they may “lack” in size, button ads achieve in numbers – you’ll often find them placed in groups consisting of two, four, six or eight ads.

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Targeting-Friendly Advertising

Button ads do not stop here when it comes to being useful in the hands of a resourceful publisher. These usually squarish shapes take the form of static or animated images. They can be just as relevant to the content matter as their larger counterparts since you can tightly integrate them with the content itself. Because they are so closely interwoven with it compared to skyscraper or banner ads, they can function well as the ads that promote your brand awareness efforts as well as generate clicks.

They are also usually sold on an individual page basis to assist with achieving the best targeting precision. Thus, if you have a specific audience in mind that you want to reach, you can easily target these ads to specific pages as a highly effective tool for conversion. To this purpose, you can place them on your website’s homepage or on one of its central navigation pages. The same goes for targeted search results or topic pages, with the knowledge that you’ll achieve the best traffic results if you place these ads on all of these pages.

However, when it comes to targeting your audience with ads, you can go even one step further. The RevenueHits ad network promises not only to provide you with quality button ads but to make them contextual and relevant both to your content and your site’s audience. By using state-of-the-art algorithms and Geotargeted ad serving technology, RevenueHits will offer you an ad inventory that consists only of high-performance and relevant advertisements that target your audience with various ad types. Thus, you’ll be able to align what you offer as content with shown ads, which will help you keep and earn your audience and increase your advertising revenues.

Flexible Placement alongside any Content

Button ads do take up little space, which is important for publishers who want to see every inch of their ad space monetized. These efforts can be helped if you’re going to create the impression of offering added value to your website’s visitors. At the same time, they go well with co-branding advertising campaigns, which you can thematically link to the content without using the obvious options such as hyperlinks. Bloggers also swear by this ad type, as it allows them to fit buttons well inside their blog’s sidebar at almost no expense of remaining advertising space.

Button ads also work well when smartly placed next to other types of content, such as video. You can easily put them next to a video player on your site. It can take the form of links that are used to entice users to watch or download a film or show. That’s why they are the preferred choice for placement in the vicinity of watchable or downloadable videos, as their unobtrusive size does not interfere with the user’s experience of interacting with it.

Button ads push this non-intrusive aspect even further in case you opt for their floating button variant. These ads allow for seamless integration with your site and even easier placement which you can fully manage. Upon clicking, this ad will simply expand across the screen without interfering with other ad types you may use in its vicinity.

Flexible and compact placement of button ads allows your website to host ads that are not considered spammy or cheap looking, yet this does not mean that you can rely just on the ad format itself to do this job for you. To avoid placing ads of dubious content, you can always leave that to professionals such as RevenueHits whose strict clean advertising policy ensures that your ads will not ruin your website’s reputation or drive away your visitors.


If you want to have ads that earn you money in your sleep, you will need to ensure access to a large enough advertising inventory which comprises of various ad types and formats. Button ads should be definitely included here, as their small size and easy placement allow for an excellent level of integration with the content on your site. In addition, these ads can be easily placed next to the video content you host, without impairing the user’s viewing or general experience.

You help yourself greatly in this regard if you find a business partner that can supply you with these ads while taking care of their relevancy and reputation at the same time.

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