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The Launch of the First Banner Anti-Adblocker

  Anyone who monetizes their website is aware of the scourge that is called the ad-blocker. It is a revenue killer, and seeing as it’s legal as opposed to click fraud, you are limited in what you can do to fight it. The numbers of ad-blocking software users is constantly on the rise, and the […]

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Now Is the Time to Move to HTTPS

  July has arrived and with it the deadline Google set for when their Chrome browser will warn users about insecure or HTTP sites. Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world and is used by more than 50 percent of users, which means publishers can expect a significant impact from this change. […]

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Win the World Cup with Website Monetization

  While many consider the Super Bowl as the biggest sporting event in the world for advertisers, there is little doubt that the FIFA World Cup remains unrivaled in terms of numbers of viewers and advertising opportunities. Case in point, the highest rated Super Bowl in television history, the 2015 dramatic game between the Atlanta […]

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Why You Should Use the Popunder Ad

  First, let’s read a little story. Once upon a time, in the online kingdom of the World Wide Web, there lived two brothers who were known as the Pop brothers. The online kingdom of the world-wide-web The older – named Pop-Up – was a noisy, annoying, in-your-face, slick and sleazy brat. His younger brother […]

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Your Blog and Ad Networks – Here’s What You Should Consider Before Taking a Deep Dive

  Ad networks are natural allies of every blogger who wants to embark on a monetization journey. Thus, making a well-thought-out decision on the most suitable ad network for you can be a hugely important consideration in this process. At the same time, there is no worry about the size of the advertising cake the […]

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