Monetize Your Website to the Fullest

Leveraging unrivaled optimization technology, RevenueHits has the advantages of a large, cutting-edge digital platform that delivers the best offers in the industry.

Competitive Rates

Our wide range of in-house direct advertisers acquires your traffic without commission, allowing you to get the best rates in the industry. Business relations with more than 5000 advertisers help us making sure no one can beat our performance.


On-time payouts

Receive your payments always on time.

Here at RevenueHits, we understand the importance of cash flow to our publishers, therefore, we offer various options of payment methods and payment terms.


100% Fill Rate. Guaranteed.

With over 2 BILLION ad impressions served daily across ALL GEOs, we guarantee you 100% fill rate. Our robust optimization engine displays the most profitable ads in a timely manner, based on your user’s geographic location.


Compliance. Compliance. Compliance!

As a top performing network, we want to assure our publishers only get matched with clean and safe demand. RevenueHits is very much aware that publishers are working very hard on their SEO and organic traffic – therefore compliant ads is our #1 priority. Having an in-house compliance team, which harnesses the most advanced ad-monitoring technology, is helping us achieve the best results for our partners. All build in-house from the ground up!


Full Control & 24/7 Monitoring.

Our platform uses reliable multilevel tracking and reporting systems. You maintain direct access to time-framed customized vital stats, including impressions, clicks, eCPM, and revenue per customer duration – all color-coded for easy assessment. Including statistics, API to allow you to withdraw the data without direct access to the platform. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art monitoring system ensures full compliance and drastically reduces any unwanted discrepancies.


Advanced Technology Tool for Adblock monetization.

As a technological company, Revenuehits is helping thousands of publishers monetize their Adblock traffic using Pops and Banners. This easy-to-implement solution will get you monetization coverage for 100% of your traffic.


Service. Service. And more Service! Did we mention Service?

In a tough, dynamic and fast-changing environment such as the online monetization world, we must keep up with the change. We hired and trained the best account managers in the industry, who will assist you achieve all your requests. Furthermore, we have the quickest response time and we are constantly optimizing your revenue – even when you sleep! Customer Service is our middle name!